32 Detailed Text Effect Tutorials for Photoshop

by Jake Rocheleau

June 29, 2015 in Resources

The best way to learn Photoshop is to push the boundaries of your knowledge. If you don’t know the basic tools then it can be difficult to get started. But true learning occurs with practical real-world application of skills by creating unique projects from scratch.

Tutorials are simply amazing for beginners since all of the details are laid out from start to finish. In the past we’ve covered Illustrator text effects and in this gallery I’ve put together online tuts for brilliant Photoshop text effects. Each of these tutorials can be useful for anyone who wants to learn about typography, smart filters, or manipulating layers with Adobe Photoshop.

Bubble Gum Text

glossy pink bubble gum text

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28 Horizontal Scrolling Parallax Websites

by Jake Rocheleau

June 25, 2015 in Gallery

Parallax web design has become a technique for designing single-page interfaces with extra pizzaz. Many of these animated parallax effects are stunning and fit perfectly into a typical portfolio or landing page design.

One of the newer trends in parallax design is horizontal scrolling. This has been around for years dating back to flash websites but has since made a resurgence. Now it seems that horizontal scrolling is concomitant with parallax animation, meant solely to create a more distinct user experience.

If you’re designing a custom parallax layout be sure to check out some of the following examples. Each design uses horizontal parallax scrolling in a unique way to both enhance the design and improve content consumption.

Future of Car Sharing

the future of car sharing design homepage

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How To Design Magnetic Banner Ads for the Web

by Jake Rocheleau

June 22, 2015 in design

Advertising is a massive industry with a lot of money and agencies vying for attention. But the purpose of this industry is generally to drive people towards something whether it’s a product or service. Great ads will draw your attention even if you don’t have a need for the product.

But poorly-crafted ads will come off as revolting and insincere. Nobody wants to deal with the metaphorical used car salesman, and this type of advertisement can be an immediate turn-off.

For this post I’d like to examine a few design techniques for polishing beautifully-magnetic advertising banners. Although designs can vary from each website the general techniques remain the same. Take a look at the BuySellAds marketplace to see some of the most creatively and well-designed banner ads online today.

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