iTunes App Store Optimization Tips

App store optimization is the process of improving the visibility of your app in the app store. App store optimization is deeply related to search engine optimization, specially when you work on improving the ranking of your app in the app store search results. Every person that ever launched an application in the iTunes store is always looking for ways to have more people downloading their apps. One of the main things you need to do to get more people to download your app is to get higher in iTunes’ rankings, and today we will give you some tips about that.

The main point of ASO (App Store Optimization) is to make your app rank higher so that you can have more visibility and with that more downloads. With the optimization you will get more people checking out your app’s page and downloading it. To do that you need to have a deep understanding of your audience and the potential keywords they would use to find your application. Since a lot of users still rely on search results to find apps, you have to you have to do your part to be able to take advantage of the search results to spread the word about your app.

iTunes App Store Optimization Tips
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Main factors to work on:

Title: it is extremely important to have a good keyword in the title, a keyword that drives a lot of search traffic. Do your homework and make sure you know which words will help you on getting people to find your app. And also focus on doing this work prior to launching your app. Changing titles is definitely not a good idea.

App Description: keywords are also important in the description, so make sure to write your copy wisely to improve your rankings. Avoid overloading your description with keywords, as in SEO, this may cause problems.

Keywords: Yes, keywords are really important. As we mention on title and description, you need to know your way around keywords to deliver a good copy that will shine through the rankings.

Some Keyword optimization basics:

  • Don’t worry about adding to many keywords to the keywords field, add as many as possible
  • Short words combined can deliver better results than one long one
  • Don’t use spaces in the keywords field between words
  • Take advantage of keyword optimization tools to explore relevant keywords
  • Know your audience and the words they may use to find you

Keep in mind that Apple can track everything inside your application. The following factors are also checked when comparing apps from similar categories, so make sure to keep an eye on them:

  • Downloads: How many downloads does the app have?
  • Ratings and Reviews: How are your ratings and reviews? Are your reviewers authentic?
  • App Updates: How up to date is the app?
  • Discard Rates: How frequently people delete the app?

Ratings and reviews are important and are something we can’t control much, but remember to always encourage users to review and rate your application, this can certainly benefit you.

ASO is a process that takes time and work, so don’t rush it. Don’t expect for sudden changes to happen. Remember that you always have to keep track of things to keep improving, specially keywords. It is a continuous process. It is hard to settle in a fixed set of works, so keep tweaking and experimenting to see what works best for your app. Make sure you know your app and your competitors, this way it will be easier to make the necessary changes to stay one step ahead.

iTunes App Store Optimization Tips
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A quick recap. Although this process is highly related to keywords, make sure you use them wisely and naturally, so avoid using too many keywords. Encourage your users to review and rate your app and try to get heavy users or ambassadors to help you spread the word. And the most important thing of all, deliver a killer app!

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