Tips on Getting Featured in the iTunes App Store

Every designer/developer that ever worked with an app dreams of getting featured in the iTunes App Store. It doesn’t matter if you are launching a small app you developed over winter to solve a simple problem or if you are launching the app you believe it will change the world, you certainly already pictured the magical moment where you would see your dear app featured on iTunes, under Apple’s spotlight, receiving a lot of attention and being seen by a lot more people.

Being featured in the iTunes App Store can definitely change things for any app, and all of us already heard tales of skyrocketing sales of featured apps. Since users love to browse iTunes to check out what are the “Best New Apps,” your idea can go from a random app lost among thousands other to an app picked by Apple to be on their spotlight on iTunes. To help you getting closer to that dream moment, today we will give you a few tips that may put you closer to being featured, check it out.

Tips on Getting Featured in the iTunes App Store

Tips on Getting Featured in the iTunes App Store

Your app need to look stunning

This should be no surprise, specially because we are talking about Apple and all their great standards. Your application need to look stunning! Remember that this is business and that iTunes wouldn’t have anything ugly or weird featured on their display. This is like a storefront where items need to look good to get customers attention. Same thing here, make sure you pay attention to every single detail of your app to deliver something that would get Apple’s attention.

UX/UI Screenshots are Really important

As we mention before, visuals are extremely important in the app store, so showcasing beautiful screenshots of your app is essential. Remember that the iTunes is pretty competitive and that you need to show images that will make the user choose your app and not your competitor’s app. Show your UX/UI to visually describe how easy it is to use your app or to show how unique your idea is.

Paid content is prioritized

Once again, remember that this is business and that Apple also wants to make money, this is why they prioritize paid apps. Every company wants to make money, so if they see your app have the potential to be a sales success, they will feature it. Of course they have a section of featured free apps, but those are usually by popular companies, big brands, known services/products (things like Twitter, Amazon, Evernote, etc.) and things like that.

Be unique and clear

People are tired of copycats, so make sure your idea is unique and easy to understand. Users have to relate to your app and feel that they really need to try it, otherwise, if they get confused about what you are trying to do, they won’t give you a shot.

Great Icon

Make sure to develop a nice and sleek icon for your app. Remember that your app will be side by side with several other, and to get attention and make users want to check out your idea, your icon need to be beautiful and stylish. Think of it as a book cover and design something really cool and high quality.

iPhone – iPad apps

Mention clearly what devices your app is compatible with and keep things updated and running smoothly. Thinking business, Apple rather feature an app that suits both iPhone and iPad users, this way the app will have a greater reach, which equals greater revenue. But of course there is still the iPhone/iPad new best apps section, so you can also shoot for that.

Tips on Getting Featured in the iTunes App Store

Description, Category and Keywords

First and foremost, make sure to check your spelling and language while writing descriptions and other copy about your app. Apple reinforces that on their app store marketing guidelines. Optimize your app and use keywords that will appeal to your consumers and you will increase your chances of getting featured. Do your homework and really dig deep to choose the best category and description to your app, specially now that SEO for app stores is getting more and more popular. Also, sometimes it is a good idea to choose a more relevant category that is not that competitive, this way your app has more chances of shining.

Ratings and Reviews

Encourage your users to rate and review your app. Apple loves apps with good ratings & reviews because it tells them that users like your idea, and this it what they are looking for, ideas that will “sell to users.”

Put your app on the radar

Launch your app and do your homework trying to spread the word on the media. The more buzz you have, bigger your chances are to get Apple’s attention.

Read Apple’s App Store Marketing Guidelines

Tips on Getting Featured in the iTunes App Store

Apple offers some really nice tips at their App Store Marketing Guidelines to help developers succeed. Make sure to check out what they are looking for before launching your app. Take advantage of this material and study what you need to do to create something great!

Deliver something breathtaking!

Your probably know this, but it doesn’t hurt to emphasize that you should deliver something breathtaking and flawless. Your app should look great, have an amazing UX/UI and work smoothly and free of bugs. This way, even if you are not featured, users will still love your app.

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