Top 20 WordPress Theme Creators From 2014

Looking for a great design for your website? Do you also want it to work smoothly and to be easy for you to use and customize? And since you’re at it, with everyone using tablets and mobile phones now, it should also be responsive. Well, lucky for you, there are many great WordPress themes you can find that fulfill all these requirements.

You can find below the best 20 WordPress themes creators. Make sure to browse through their galleries of beautifully designed and highly functional themes. There’s surely something there that will catch your eye and suit your needs.


1. meanthemes

Meanthemes, will tell you straight off the bat that they’re all about designing themes for WordPress and Ghost. With over a decade of experience to draw from, you can be sure that what they put out is cutting edge and all around awesome. The team can proudly say that they’ve been working with WordPress since 2005, when it was just a blog. In addition, they’ve even designed their own in-house framework for all theme options panel using the WordPress Settings API. You’ll surely get your money’s worth by choosing this team to design your website’s theam.

Meanthemes, even though it may not seem like it, are all about customer satisfaction. Their mission is to create beautiful, responsive themes that will manage to cover a wide variety customer needs. They want you to keep coming back to them for more. Everything they’ve designed so far was client oriented, to make your life as easy as possible. Their whole installation process is simple and straightforward, to make sure that your website will be up and running in no time. And, if something does go amiss, don’t hesitate to contact them. Meanthemes offers full support upon purchase of every one of their themes and they guarantee to give you an answer within 48 hours (although it’s doubtful you’ll actually have to wait that long).


2. solostream


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Here are some of the things SoloStream believe in: integrity, growth, beauty, tech-savviness and…pizza. As you can see, this team takes itself seriously, but not too much so. Over time, SoloStream has consistently put out fresh, clean themes that have considerably enlarged their client base.

The team focuses on creating themes that are compatible cross-browser, eye-catching and search-engine optimized. Their attention to detail and ability to keep on top of all design trends is obvious in the quality of their work. See for yourself and go to their website right now.

If you purchase a $89 + $9/month, you’ll get a full package that involves instant access to all their themes, extensive documentation and some of the best technical support available. Don’t be afraid to contact them with any questions you might have, the team is open-minded and friendly and will help you in any way they can. What are you waiting for?


3. wpzoom

The WPZOOM themes come along with the ZOOM Framework that is makes them extremely easy to use. It features an intuitive options panel that allows users to configure and customize their sites without using code. When an update becomes available you can update you theme with just one click.

There’s also a wide selection of shortcodes you can use to create more dynamic posts and flexible page layouts with the help of buttons, columns or lists. But by far one of the best features is that you can create impressive slideshows directly in posts. Besides being so flexible, customizable and easy to use, the variety of themes you can find on WPZOOM goes from ecommerce to news and business, so you can take your pick. Also, most of them are responsive and very well-organized.

Ultimately, it all comes down to aesthetics which are quite amazing, the team providing excellent visual designs.



The Shape5 team of professional designers, creates intuitive WordPress themes that are very functional and really easy to use thanks to the S5 Vertex framework that features various configuration options, multiple layouts, a flexible menu and is also responsive, being optimized to run smoothly on mobile devices.

Besides usability, Shape5 can boast with great creativity and a large diversity of themes, ranging from the usual business, photography and magazine to crafts, charity, medical and church. All of these themes have neat, polished designs and look great to the smallest details. You can test the themes before purchase through a demo that gives you an insight of how each theme looks and works.


10. mintthemes

Here’s what you need to know about MintThemes: they have amazing artistry, fully functional themes, an extraordinary skill when it comes to eye-catching design and are always willing and able to help you in any way the can. MintThemes has put out 13 themes and has managed to round up more than 12500 clients. Go to their home page now and find out which of their products suits you best.


6. pixflow

PixFlow is a team of open minded, talented professionals who have consistently put out amazing themes for their customers. They can boast themselves with achivements such as: their “Black Pearl Responsive Theme” is a featured item on Themeforest, they’ve been chosen as “Featured video” on videohive and they have an elite author on envato market places. Get a firsthand look at what they have to offer by going to their website right now.


Here’s what you need to know about MeridianThemes.

They provides a variety of blogging & magazine themes with elegant, clean design, and extensive features integrated with their very own framework. Amongst these features you will find, for all premium themes, free updates, extensive documentation, responsive design, and 24/7 support.


9. skywarriorthemes

Let me just say this: SkywarriorThemes is THE web development theme to turn to if you want a first rate website for your game clan, blog or gaming website. They’ve got the skill, the passion and the experience to make your site extraordinary. Their prices start off at $55 and come with full support in whatever issues you may encounter. Oh, and they’ve also tried their hand in social reach and crowdfunding themes, check them out.


10. proteusthemes

If you’re growing tired of multipurpose themes and you want to find an UX driven theme specifically developed to suit your business, ProteusThemes is the team for you.

With fine-designed themes that are not only responsive but also fast-loading and really easy to use, ProteusThemes offers great customer experience not only by offering such high-quality designs but also by providing real-time support and even a bunch of video tutorials, so even an amateur can easily use their products.


11. designova

When it comes to imagination and creativity, the Designova team of professionals from Kerala is definitely a great choice. They offer a great variety of themes that are beautifully designed and responsive. Furthermore, prospective customers will be happy to learn that not only does the team offer constant support and updates, but they can also do custom projects when requested.


12. shopitpress

ShopitPress has made it a point to give their clients and potential clients new themes ever month packed with countless features, from unlimited customization features, to flexible options and powerful functionality. If you want a stable, reliable theme, that runs smoothly cross browser turn to ShopitPress confidently and they’ll help you make your site truly memorable.


13. kubasto

Although they offer a small variety of themes, Kubasto catch the eye with beautifully designed themes that work smoothly and are very versatile. Some of them are responsive, so you can see them on any kind of device and all in all they look great, they’re organized and flexible. You should browse them.


14. inkthemes

How would you like to have your own website with only a single click? The team at Inkthemes provides you more than 40 templates that are very easy to install. Plus, the themes look wonderful, they are responsive, easy to use and customizable. So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing!

Pixel Union

15. pixelunion

How would you like to have your own website with only a single click? The team at Inkthemes provides you more than 40 templates that are very easy to install. Plus, the themes look wonderful, they are responsive, easy to use and customizable. So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing!


16. hogash

Hogash are boasting they’ve managed to create one of the most complete themes ever and we’re inclined to agree with them. Their product offers SEO optimization, cross browser compatibility, unlimited colors, increased flexibility and high responsiveness to start with. And, to make sure you’re sold, the team is also offering full documentation upon purchase.


17. qodeinteractive

The latest developments in web design have focused on making websites as interactive and animated as possible. If this is what you’re looking for in your site, Qodeinteractive is the team to bring your vision to reality. Their themes provide amazing graphics and beautiful design, making for an assured first-rate user experience.


18. Ait-themes

Ait-themes provides many original and interesting themes that are well-organized and flexible. Many of the themes feature more than one language and have a great visual-design.

Information and support is provided by the team through a support forum. All you have to do is find the theme that suits you best and enjoy all its features.

Obox Themes

19. oboxthemes

Experience is a very valuable tool and you can be sure the team over at Obox is very skilled at using it.

With more than 20 themes under their belt that span over varied categories like ecommerce, business, portfolios and even videos, it’s highly unlikely you won’t find what you need on their website. Check it out now.

Themes Awesome

20. themesawesome

Themes Awesome is a group of designers that offer their clients a diverse assortment of themes that are, well, awesome. They are beautifully designed, well-organized, easy to use and flexible. What more could you wish for? The team also provides support so if you encounter a problem with you chosen theme, you can contact them and they will immediately help you.


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