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Finally, you’ve done it. You’ve successfully persuaded your visitor to close the deal. Now it’s time for the hard close.

We all know how important the layout of your sites homepage is, or the product details page but what about the pricing table? No one ever talks about that, when really it’s such a vital part of a websites sales funnel.

The real tricky part is the strategic thinking behind it. You need to make the entry version bare bones and not give away too much, yet you still need to show your clients the value of the product. It takes clever thinking and also a visually captivating pricing page. I’ve come up with a select few sites that have perfected the art of the pricing table. Use this as inspiration to create that perfect pricing page or update your current one to increase the conversion rate on your site.

They’ve got it nailed down…


I felt it necessary to congratulate and portray some of the successes of Facebook on this very big occasion.

As of today (July 21st) Facebook has succeeded in signing up 500 million accounts! This is obviously a huge number and it’s not only individuals. As many of you already know we are seeing more and more companies jumping on the bandwagon in an effort to extend their reach beyond the typical platforms.

The site wide uniformity of Facebook has been a flagship characteristic of the Facebook and it seems they have worked very hard to stay within their original business model. Despite this, they have created Facebook fan pages with many different apps that you can use as a way to customize your business presence. Up till now, we have mainly seen this space used for coupons and promotions.

This obviously isn’t a tutorial on how to design a company landing page, but rather I hope to inspire you as to what successfully companies are doing within this space.

Victoria’s Secret

When it comes to online strategies you should never overlook the design of your sign up page. ┬áSome of the given examples are sites than many of you I’m sure are familiar with, although, I feel there are some growing gems among the group. ┬áTake a look around!


With the announcement of the iPad many designers have been anxiously awaiting what applications may come from the tablet based platform. From those whom I talked to, it seemed that many people thought the iPad may respond to the touch of your finger similarly to how a drawing tablet for your desktop does. For me, I was slightly let down (thus far) by the lack of functionality available from the iPad. Lets just say I have been waiting for a CS5 for iPad’s. Despite this, I have still found a very useful round-up of quality applications that any designer would find useful.

Below I have laid out the designers iPad toolbox. Obviously, there are other great apps out there, I have found these to be solid and very useful even if you don’t design on your iPad.

iMockup for iPad ($9.99)


From my experience most serious designers never leave home without their notebook. When that moment of inspiration hits, you need somewhere capture that! Throw away that old notebook and say hello to iMockups for iPad. iMockups has taken the process of “mockups” to the next level. A favorite feature is the ability to store multiple designs within individual projects.

Wordpress 3.0 was released to the public June 17th with a mountain of changes to it’s previous version. I have compiled my personal favorites below. For those of you not fully aware of the recent changes to Wordpress, check out my favorites below:

1. Custom Menu Management:

This allows the creation of custom menus combining posts, pages, categories, tags, and links for use in theme menus or widgets.

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