Blog Design Showcase: 25 Outstanding Blog Designs

If you’re working on a blog design for yourself or for a client it can be helpful to observe well-designed blogs to get some inspiration. In this post we’ll feature 25 beautifully-designed blogs. The showcase includes blogs of all different styles.

Soh Tanaka

Soh Tanaka

10 Ways to Lose a Client

Providing quality service and retaining clients is critical to the success of any freelancer or design agency. In this post we’ll look at ten common causes for clients leaving designers. The intent is to provide some clear examples of things that should be avoided if you want to keep your clients happy.

1. Don’t Provide Quality Work

Clients will always have a certain expectation in terms of quality of work. It might seem that these expectations will correspond to their budget (high budget = high quality, low budget = low quality), but this is not always the case. Failing to live up to the quality expectations of a client can lead to a lack of repeat business, no referral business, and even the loss of a client before a project is completed.

200+ Fractal Brushes for Photoshop

We frequently publish collections of quality Photoshop brushes of various types, and today we’re featuring fractal brushes. Here you’ll find links to 19 brush sets that total over 200 brushes. Fractal brushes are great for adding abstract elements to your designs.

3D Fractals (12 brushes)

Photoshop Fractal Brushes

Design Inspiration: Showcase of Beautiful Typography and Text Effects

Every once in a while we showcase various works of typography and text effects for your design inspiration. In today’s post we have 30 items to feature, covering a wide variety in types and styles of design.

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12 Tips for Avoiding Burnout as a Freelancer

Freelancing is attractive to a lot of people because of the opportunity to work on your own and to set your own hours. However, in reality most full-time freelancers face a lot of stress and experience burnout in their work on a regular basis. In this post we’ll look at some things that you can do to avoid burnout and to maintain an efficient and rewarding work process while still having a life outside of work.

1. Establish Reasonable Working Hours

One of the most obvious contributors to burnout is simply working too much. Most freelancers, myself included, struggle with setting working hours and sticking with them. It’s easy to work more hours than you plan when things don’t go as you expected, or when you have a lot that needs to get done. Certainly there are times when upcoming deadlines may force you to work longer hours, but that should be the exception not the norm.

The first step towards avoiding burnout is to have some sort of a set schedule that involves only working a reasonable number of hours each week. Most freelancers cherish the freedom that they have to work whatever hours they choose, and this often leads to a hesitance to establish a normal schedule. Setting working hours doesn’t require that you have a boring schedule with no room for flexibility. You can work varied hours that change from one week to the next, but the important part is that you set a schedule for yourself that will help you to avoid working ridiculously long hours on a regular basis.

25 Type-Based Logos for Inspiration

Last week we published a showcase of clever and creative logos. Today we’re again focusing on logo design, but this time specifically on logos that are type-based. Here you’ll see 25 quality logo designs heavily or exclusively on type and text.



35 High-Quality Free Vector Packs

Web and graphic designers have a lot of free resources at their disposal. Thanks to an active design community, finding quality free resources is possible. In this post we’ll feature some of the best free vector packs that are available for download. As always when you are working with freebies, be sure to check the license and guidelines established by the designer.

City Skyline Vectors (7 vectors)

City Skyline Vectors

30 Clever, Creative Logos

Last year we published a post 50 Clever, Creative Logos that drew a great response from readers. Today we follow that up with this collection of 30 more logos for your inspiration. The logos shown here display excellent creativity from the designer, and I think they will be of great interest to lovers of logo design.

World Refuge

World Refuge