What You Need to Know About Freelancing Before You Start

Over a fourth of all workers are self-employed according to some studies, and now you want to join them. You’ve decided to become a freelance designer or other freelancer.

You’re especially looking forward to:

  • Not having a boss
  • Picking your own projects
  • Setting your own hours
  • Working from home

But, hold on a minute. You can have all that…maybe. However, if you’re thinking about freelancing design there are some things that you really need to know before you start.

In this post, I’ll list some freelancing details that many bloggers and gurus “forget” to mention. By considering these details up front, you’ll avoid disappointment later on and get more from your freelancing design career.

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What to Do When You Get Sick

Getting sick is no fun for anyone. For a freelance designer (and other freelancers), getting sick (or injured) might spell financial disaster. That’s because freelance designers who don’t work don’t get paid. There’s also the risk of losing a client.

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Budgeting Tips for Freelance Designers and Other Freelancers

Managing money can be a problem for a freelance designer. If you’ve been a freelance designer for any length of time, then you already know that your income can fluctuate as a freelancer–sometimes a lot.

Many freelance designers find the financial ups and downs of freelancing to be a real challenge. In this post, I share some budgeting tips to help freelance designers and other freelancers manage their budget. If you like this post, you will likely also like Budgeting for Freelancers.

10 Essential Guidelines for Freelance Collaboration

Freelance collaboration is on the rise. Increasingly, teams of freelancers are now doing the work that in-house departments used to do. Graphic designers are now working on teams with writers and programmers.

But many freelancers are used to working alone. Collaboration definitely requires freelancers to make a few adjustments.

In this post, I’ll provide ten essential guidelines to help you put the pieces together for freelance collaboration. If you enjoy this post, you may also enjoy reading 15 Questions to Ask Before Collaborating.