17 Themes for Your Wedding Day

A growing trend for people in the digital age is to provide an online destination to feature their wedding. In doing so, you can provide your loved ones with a card that cannot be lost, and a scrapbook that can last a lifetime. In this post, I’ll share with you 17 wedding themes that will make your big day that much more unique.

1. Wedding Album Premium Wordpress Theme


21 School & Education Related Themes

When a prospective student or parent is looking into a school, one of the first items that they will see is your website during their research phase.  If you do not have a website that feels modern and up to date, you could lose those potential business. In todays post, I’ll share with you 21 School and Education themes for your next learning related project.

1. ParkCollege – Education Responsive WP Theme


20 Political & Government Website Themes

Help get the exposure your candidate needs with a professional, simple and intuitive theme.  In today’s roundup, I’ll share with you 20 political and government related themes to help gain momentum in your next election.

1. Parlament: Political WordPress Theme


25 Web & File Hosting Themes

Hosting files and websites is a business that is expanding at a quick pace.  You’ve probably ran across the term The Cloud by now, which makes it appear as if it’s some new wonder.  The cloud has always been here, but it has simply gone by different names throughout the years.  In this roundup, I’ll share with you 25 hosting website themes to help kickstart your own cloud service.

1. NewHosting – Responsive Hosting Css3/Html5 Theme


24 Medical and Health Related Themes

In todays collection we highlight clean and minimal templates for the medical professional.  The following 24 themes are an ideal fit for subjects ranging from medicine, clinics, doctors, dental care, and everything else health care related.

1. MediCenter – Responsive Medical WordPress Theme


Demo & Download

31 Admin Backend Dashboard Templates

One of the most overlooked aspects of a design project can be the administration dashboard.  Many content management systems such as WordPress offer well designed dashboards that don’t require much change to enhance the user experience.  For custom projects however, this is not always the case.  So instead of leaving your dashboard raw and unorganized, I’ve compiled a list of 31 backend dashboards to help save you time and money on your next project.

1. Archon Flat Responsive Admin Bootstrap 3


Demo & Download 

19 Sport & Fitness Website Themes

Fitness and wellbeing is an ever expanding market, and in this collection I’ve compiled a list of 19 sport & fitness themes suitable for any health clubs, gyms, and personal trainers.

1. FIT – Fitness/Gym Responsive WordPress Theme


22 Hotel and Resort Website Themes

Give your hotel a fresh and modern look with one of these premium templates.  In this collection, I’ve compiled a list of 22 hotel and resort themed website layouts that will surely make you stand out from your competition.  With this versatile collection, you’ll find something that fits with the look your desire.

1. Soho Hotel – Responsive Hotel Booking WP Theme