47 Strikingly Creative Examples of Business Card Designs

There should be no question that branding is crucial to the success of any business. Instant logo recognition feels good and it helps build an audience around your product or service. A company business card would be useful when attending conferences, parties, or even happenstance meetings with old acquaintances.

But if you really wish to stand out from the other generic business card you’ll want to attempt some new ideas. Creativity and recognizable branding will produce one amazing piece you’ll be proud to share. This gallery includes a number of radiant business cards from all types of work. Check out some of these examples if you need inspiration for your own print design work.

Honey Colony

honey colony business card design orange

Restaurant Cards

classy mustache business cards restaurant food


wishbone bbq bar grille design business card

Club Man Shop

club man shop business card design

Pete Tong Branding

hey pete tong self branding design business cards


dark business cards snagged on fish logo

WEC 2012

western engineering competition 2012 business card design


harveys food restaurant business card design

Bergamot Bistro

bergamot bistro business card print design


grunge grange logo print business design

Kira Martín Mateo

photographer freelance card kira martin mateo

Jake Brandford

jake brandford personal portfolio design cards

Eric Lacy Identity

eric lacy identity print design cards

P&S Concrete

p and s concrete identity brand card

Kelsey Ketcham

kelsey ketcham business card print design work


sopra art direction print identity design

The Old Maid

the old maid residential cleaning business card

John Kok Consultancy

john kok consultancy print business card design

Boss & Knight

boss and knight print business card design inspiration

Cali Chic Boutique

cali california chic boutique print card

Głodny Turek

glodny turek business card print design inspiration


deluge print artwork business cards design

Molt Corporate Identity

molt corporate identity print business cards

Neghelli 11

neghelli 11 business card logo branding


vrrb colorful print design business card

Renata Garbin

renata garbin business card design inspiration

Coffee & Kitchen

coffe and kitchen branding print design


popchicken identity gourmet express print identity

Yardstick Coffee

yardstick coffee branding print logo design card

Mister Racoon’s Coffee

mister racoon coffee logo branding print work


beespace business card flat design inspiration print work


montague business card design inspiration print work

Branch Creative

branch creative inspiration print business cards


union link print business card branding logo

HP Branding

winter olympics event hewlett packard business cards identity


yellow tower branding project design inspiration

Galo Kitchen

galo kitchen branding identity set design inspiration

Trofana Alpin

trofana alpin branding gallery inspiration design

Sandwich Factory

sandwich factory creative branding technique design print

39 Identity

39 identity company business logo print cards work

United Kitchen

united kitchen print design cards work inspiration

Coffee House London

coffee house london print design business card

Vitooz Photography

print business card branding vitooz photography

Karma Sushi

karma sushi print business card branding design


deadstock dark authenticity print business cards


gris ufmg business card print design work

Bravado Spice Co.

bravado spice company branding print design work

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