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Every web designer should love freebies. There are so many artists offering their work for free download on the web, and with hundreds of thousands of blogs these links are reaching a new audience like never before. The year 2011 has seen substantial numbers of free releases and 2012 is on-par for an even better year! So in celebration I’ve collected 26 of my favorite downloads from this past year which you can check out below.

Lion OSX UI Kit


10ravens is brand new website where readers can find more than 10.000 of royalty-free textures and photo resources with high resolution up to 100Mpx. All readers can use them for personal or even commercial use.

Our website also contains high quality products such as 3D models, hdri skies, textures, basemeshes and much more which you can find in our 10ravens products section.

We prepared texture collection for you. This collection contains over 300 high quality textures from our website.

For more free textures and photos…. just visit our website.

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You can download it here:

Today we have a set of 4 high-res brick textures that are available for free download. You can see each of the textures below, and if you want to download any of them individually you can click on the image and you’ll be led to the Flickr page. The set can be downloaded in a zip file at the end of the post.

The textures are free for personal or commercial use. They can be used in any websites or other works that you create (including templates and themes) but they cannot be re-distributed as is.

Brick Texture - 1

Spray Paint Textures

Today we have a high-quality set of 8 spray paint textures to release to readers. The textures are from Sebastiano Guerriero of WeGraphics. This is a follow up to the first set of spray paint textures released at WeGraphics.

The textures are free for personal or commercial purposes (which includes use for creating templates or themes to distribute or sell). All 8 textures are shown below. Click on any of them to go to the Flickr page where the image can be downloaded. Or you can download the whole set at the end of the post.

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