Category: Freebies

Today we have a free texture pack from Kawsar Ali. The pack contains 12 high resolution (3072 px by 2304 px) textures of various fabrics. Any of the photos can be found at Flickr (click through on the image that you want).

The textures can be used for both personal and commercial projects.

FabricTexture #9

Cracks Texture Pack

Last week we released a free pack of cracked concrete textures, and today we have more cracks textures for you. This pack includes 17 different photos taken at old tennis courts that were full of cracks and rough surfaces. Bad for playing tennis, but good if you like textures.

You can get any of the textures individually from Flickr by click on the images below. You are welcome to use these for personal or commercial work.

Cracked Concrete Texture Pack

Today we’re releasing a free texture pack containing 10 cracked concrete textures. Most of the textures are 2560 x 1920 pixels. You can get any of the textures individually by clicking through to Flickr.

These textures are free for personal or commercial use.

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