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26 fantastic iPhone & Android apps for managing your website

by Jonathan Brealey

October 25, 2010 in Business/Freelance Resources

Thanks to smartphones, you no longer have to be sitting in front of your computer to upload, manage, publish and monitor your website. We’ve brought together a collection of applications for both iPhone and Android users.


If you have a WordPress website, then you can manage comments, upload images, and write, publish and edit posts all from your phone. Both these apps are free and are offered by

26 Great iPhone & Android apps for managing your website on the go

Left: WordPress for iOS. Right: WordPress for Android

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Designing Websites that Cross Cultures

by christianarno

August 9, 2010 in Business/Freelance design

Building a successful website is no small task, especially if you’re going into business – it takes time, effort and dedication, from working out your business plan and unique selling point (USP) through to designing and managing your website and optimizing it for search engine rankings.

So with all the effort you’re putting into your site, why restrict yourself to just one language market?

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Win a 1-Year Subscription to the Inkd Library!

by Brant Wilson

June 29, 2010 in Business/Freelance design Resources

Inkd has offered to give away a free one year subscription to its entire print design library. That includes 50 template downloads per month and access to new content added during your subscription period (a $399 value)! To enter, just follow @inkdtweet on twitter and tweet this post with the hashtag #Inkddmagcontest. We’ll announce the winners next Wednesday-so be sure to tweet away!

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Are All Spec Work Sites Evil?

by Brant Wilson

June 9, 2010 in Business/Freelance

Disclosure: This is a paid review, if you wish to purchase a paid review for your website (I have a 90% turn down ratio so if I turn you down don’t take it personally) contact us. All links in this post have been “nofollowed”.

Last month I was contacted by a gentleman from logomyway. He was interested in getting his site reviewed. At first I thought the idea sounded rather humorous because I knew how well a review of a site like 99designs would go over with the crowd. So I wrote back and let this guy know that I would be happy to do a review but that I could not promise it would turn out positive.

For those new to the designing game the issue of whether or not spec work is evil has been a hot topic in the last couple of years. Because of sites like the ones mentioned above designers have felt slighted. For example, if you as a designer entered a design contest on a site like the ones mentioned above you would have the opportunity to compete for a few hundred dollars. The unfortunate thing is that only one designer wins. So the business owner or person launching the contest is offering a prize and gets to see hundreds of concepts but ultimately has to choose only one winner and therefore, pay for only one concept.

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