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33 Video Game Blogs, Fansites, and Website Layout Designs

by Jake Rocheleau

October 8, 2012 in Inspiration

Website designers are very common and 2012 has seen an enormous increase with more students entering the field. Popular niches often focus around business and high finance – however digital media and especially video games are on the rise. Because of these trends you’ll see more people launching video game blogs and social networks.

I want to devote this gallery towards 33 interesting video game website layouts. These do include some blogs, along with fansites and dedicated strategy guides. Designers can work together building some incredible products for the web. I hope this gallery can offer a bit of inspiration in the way of gaming in our new digital era.

Ranch Story

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29 Flash-Based Websites for Creative Design Inspiration

by Jake Rocheleau

September 23, 2012 in Inspiration

Adobe Flash has fallen aside in some areas of mainstream web development. The newer HTML5/CSS3 standards have filled a void of proper semantics for building websites. But this doesn’t mean Flash is a completely dead technology with no value.

In fact, there are still dozens of really interesting Flash websites online today. I have put together this gallery full of unique Flash animated website layouts. These are still very popular for video game releases and other creative artists such as musicians and writers. The benefit of Flash-based layouts is that you can really impress visitors with an outstanding display of graphics coupled with a keen user experience.

Vaclav Krbusek

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