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What to Do When You Get Sick

by Laura Spencer

April 4, 2012 in Business/Freelance Inspiration

Getting sick is no fun for anyone. For a freelance designer (and other freelancers), getting sick (or injured) might spell financial disaster. That’s because freelance designers who don’t work don’t get paid. There’s also the risk of losing a client.

In this post, I examine some of the uncomfortable decisions freelancers must face when they become ill. If you enjoyed this post, you might also like Freelancing During an Illness.

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33 Wonderful Scenic Ocean Landscapes

by Jake Rocheleau

March 26, 2012 in Inspiration Resources

The ocean can be an extremely calming experience to help soothe your troubles. This may be why vacation spots are so popular on the coastline and in islands around the world. But unfortunately we can’t all take beach vacations every week – but photographs can bring back a similar feeling.

The bundle I’ve put together is a fantastic collection of new ocean photographs. I find the beach to be very inspiring and leaves me with a sense of serenity in the day. Let us know your thoughts and if you have taken similar photos feel free to share in the discussion area below.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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40 Examples of HDR Photography at Night

by Jake Rocheleau

March 20, 2012 in Inspiration

Some photo concepts behave very strange under different lenses and filters. HDR uses high-definition and can really pull out effects from light sources. Photographers have learned that using HDR at nighttime can render even more interesting results.

I’ve put together a wonderful showcase of photographs using HDR camera effects. These are all taken during the evening when the sky is dark or even pitch-black. Most of the light effects stream in through houses and street lights. It creates an intense atmosphere and a very striking photographic posture.

Trier City

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