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33 Simple yet Creative Logo Designs for Startups

by Jake Rocheleau

July 19, 2013 in Inspiration

A number of design resources are available online where you can build very simplistic logos from scratch. The incredible market of PSD freebies along with free font files creates an atmosphere of fluid creativity. It is much easier now to launch a project online and put together a quick yet efficient logo within an hour using Photoshop, or another graphics editor.

In this gallery I want to present a collection of logo designs for inspiration. Marketers and identity designers will know the amount of work it takes putting together ideas into a logo. But with enough practice you should be able to get the hang of things. It is my hope this gallery will provide a set of helpful minimalist logo designs for deriving other ideas on your own.

Pier 5 Fish Market

logo design inspiration pier5 fish

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Top jQuery Slider Plugins for Frontend Web Developers

by Jake Rocheleau

July 7, 2013 in Inspiration Resources

Common JavaScript techniques include Ajax content, dynamic forms, and modal windows. The content slider/slideshow interface has always been around but has gained a tremendous audience over the past few years. And with the continuing growth of jQuery it is safe to assume that more developers will be creating projects with an open source license.

In this collection I want to present 30 of the most interesting jQuery slider plugins. Each one should work properly with the most current version of jQuery and they also provide their own documentation. It is a great way to introduce yourself into the system and start building websites with some more dynamic effects.


iview sliding plugin slideshow jquery

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Beautiful Photographs of Tranquil Scenery in Nature

by Jake Rocheleau

June 9, 2013 in Inspiration

Our natural world is truly a beautiful place. Photographs are often times not enough to do our Earth justice. But so many photographers have worked to capture the beauty which can be found everywhere. And in this gallery I want to dedicate a series of images which are easily worth 1000 words.

Natural stock photography is a big component of news articles and online magazines because they are easy to fit into headlines. Readers will very easily relate to this imagery and so it can even help to drive inbound traffic deeper into your website. Check out some of these examples and see if you could use any related photographs in your own projects.

Magical Waterfall

waterfall flowers grass greenery shrubs

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Understanding User Experience Design for iOS Apps

by Jake Rocheleau

May 28, 2013 in Inspiration

The modern design trends for building mobile applications have been changing rapidly. Developers are constantly looking to push the boundaries of what is possible on iOS. And with all the latest software updates, it is safe to say that Objective-C is a forthcoming language with a lot of potential in the mobile realm.

iphone app interface homepage design

But how about all of the various user experience designs? The iPhone has promoted hundreds of thousands of new applications, and the pool for new submissions is growing rapidly. I want to take a look at some of the more popular UX trends for mobile apps. Specifically I will be using examples from Dribbble to illustrate new ideas in the world of iOS. Designers from any continent should be able to appreciate the talent and technique for building usable mobile applications.

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