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The common use of whitespace in web design is an excellent indicator of minimalism. This isn’t to say that all websites using extra whitespace should follow a minimalistic design sense. But users often enjoy the freedom from clutter in your layout. And the difficulty for editing a layout to include whitespace is often very low.

This collection of 38 minimalist layouts is geared towards websites utilizing extra whitespace in a positive manner. There are definitely situations where you can overdo it by removing too much content, or appending wider margins than necessary. Ultimately the best look on your website will change depending on a number of factors. But check out this gallery below and see if you can brainstorm any useful ideas on whitespace design for your next project.

Chama Inc.

Chama Inc Business communication strategies

We have written about previous iOS app icon designs in previous galleries. There are so many talented artists entering the field of icon design, and inspiration is found in abundance. That is why I have put together another fascinating collection of Dribbble shots featuring iPhone & iPad app icons.

The Apple iOS app store is a powerful and heavily trafficked marketplace for developers. You can build almost any idea fit to a mobile smartphone or tablet device. And coupled with a working user interface you can build a sensation. It is my hope this small gallery of mobile app icons can spur creativity for new ideas.

Camera App Icon

Sticker Mule just launched The Sticker Gallery – a place for designers to browse, bookmark, and comment on sticker designs. There you’ll find the work of many known brands, as well as independent artsist and designers.

Today we’re featuring 15 examples of sticker designs from tech startups in Sticker Mule’s Gallery:


bitly stickers

Website designers are very common and 2012 has seen an enormous increase with more students entering the field. Popular niches often focus around business and high finance – however digital media and especially video games are on the rise. Because of these trends you’ll see more people launching video game blogs and social networks.

I want to devote this gallery towards 33 interesting video game website layouts. These do include some blogs, along with fansites and dedicated strategy guides. Designers can work together building some incredible products for the web. I hope this gallery can offer a bit of inspiration in the way of gaming in our new digital era.

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