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Interview with Walter Apai of Webdesigner Depot

by Steven Snell

July 2, 2009 in Interviews

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the popular design blog Webdesigner Depot. In much less than a year WDD has become one of the leading blogs in the niche. I recently had a chance to interview the man behind WDD, Walter Apai.

Webdesigner Depot

How long have you been designing and how did you get started?

As a kid, I used to draw cartoons for fun. In 1999, I started designing CD covers for my music compilation CD’s. Almost by accident, I discovered that I have a talent and real passion for design. I’ve always been attracted to art, in all its shapes and forms. Web design was the natural direction for me.

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Interview with Matthew Jurmann of CHROMATIC

by Steven Snell

May 26, 2009 in Interviews

Matthew JurmannAs a web or graphic designer there are a number of different paths you can take in your career. Freelancing is a great option for many designers, however, some have an interest in taking their business a bit further and adding a team around them.

Matthew Jurmann is the CEO and Director of Operations for CHROMATIC. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Matthew over the past year and I thought that he had some valuable insight since he transitioned from freelancing to running a small company. Fortunately, Matthew agreed to share his thoughts in this interview. I hope it sheds some light on the subject and helps you to learn more if this is something that you have been considering for your career.

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Group Interview On Designers and the Pursuit of Personal Projects

by Steven Snell

April 30, 2009 in Interviews

Many designers and developers get the itch to work on their own projects in addition to doing client work or a full-time job. For some this is just a creative outlet without the restrictions that come with client work or being an employee, and for others it is a chance to make an additional income. Part-time projects can even turn into a full-time income in some cases.

These personal projects may be blogs, web apps, or some other type of online business. Whatever the case may be, a personal project can potentially provide more rewarding work, learning experiences, and additional income.

Because many designers would like to pursue their own interests, I thought it would be helpful to get some feedback from a small group of designers and developers that have some experience in this area. There is a good bit of variety in this eight person panel. For example, some have completely left client work in favor of managing their own companies, while others intend to stay employed full-time and manage their own projects on the side. Hopefully the insight provided here will help you in your own work.

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Interview with Jeffrey Way of ThemeForest (Plus a Giveaway)

by Steven Snell

April 23, 2009 in Interviews

Many designers and developers are looking to earn an income from several different sources, and theme/template sales are an increasingly popular option. Within the past year ThemeForest has quickly become one the leaders in the industry, both in terms of providing designers with a place to sell their work, and also by providing buyers with great selection and prices.

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