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Many designers and developers are looking to earn an income from several different sources, and theme/template sales are an increasingly popular option. Within the past year ThemeForest has quickly become one the leaders in the industry, both in terms of providing designers with a place to sell their work, and also by providing buyers with great selection and prices.

Premium WordPress themes are obviously very popular right now. One of the premium theme marketplaces that is very interesting to me is Elegant Themes. With Elegant Themes you can purchase a one year theme club membership and get access to all of their themes for less than $20 per year.

Elegant Themes currently offers more than 20 different themes, and many have multiple color schemes or styles to choose from. With the club membership you also get access to the support forum and theme upgrades.

Nick Roach of Elegant Themes
Nick Roach of Elegant Themes

I recently had the opportunity to interview Nick Roach, the man behind Elegant Themes. Nick has sponsored some giveaways here in the past, and people really love his themes. Hopefully if you’re already familiar with Nick and Elegant Themes this will give you a little insight into his life and his business, and if you’re not familiar with Elegant Themes, please take a minute to see what Nick has to offer.

Most of you are probably familiar with CSS Globe. If you’re not, it is a very popular site run by Alen Grakalic that provides design news (through user submissions) on a daily basis. Alen also publishes some original tutorials and articles on the site.

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