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How to Code Your First HTML UI Kit

by Rochester Oliveira

July 22, 2013 in Resources

UI Kit’s are quite handy when it comes to design. They allow you to create beautiful and standardized interfaces pretty fast, with a lot of premade components that you can use and edit.

But when it comes to coding, they are not that common. Sure, you have some frameworks here and there, but complete HTML UI Kits are rare, and most times you may need to code that yourself. On the other hand, that’s a great opportunity to create a tool for yourself, a starter kit that will allow you to implement interfaces in no time.

So today we’ll see a few coding tips, and also implement 3 components in a way that they can be easily themed and placed anywhere in your site.

First things first

I know most of you just want to see it so here you can see the [link]LIVE DEMO[/link] and here you can Download the files so you can just play around with it.

Here is how it’ll look like:


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Top 10 Code-Free Website Builders

by iulian

July 17, 2013 in Resources

When Wordpress came out I thought “somebody ought to make that for websites as well” – and I’m sure I wasn’t alone. Everybody wanted to be able to create a site without learning code. Fast forward by ten years and here we are, surrounded by that very wish come true and multiplied by as many wishers out there. The good news is that the coding days are over, and I’m not talking about hybrid software like Dreamweaver, for which you didn’t need a Ph D in web design, but still had to go to college. All these softwares below allow you to create a site by clicking and dragging, just like a walk in a Photoshop park. The “bad” news is that they’re so many, you wouldn’t know which one to choose. But that is what we’re here for.




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28 Free Typefaces for Web & Graphic Designers

by Jake Rocheleau

July 15, 2013 in Resources

Custom fonts are useful not just for graphics design, but also to use in your own websites via CSS @font-face. All of the free open source font families are easy to find and quick to include on your websites. But graphic/web designers also know the importance of choosing the right fonts in your mockups.

I want to present a small collection of interesting web fonts you can download for free use in any project. These are a great choice for web designers because you can easily setup your logo and heading text without needing to sacrifice much in the HTML/CSS conversion. Additionally you can produce the other web-safe font filetypes by using a service like Font2Web.

Idealist Sans

easy sans-serif light font color typeface

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Top jQuery Slider Plugins for Frontend Web Developers

by Jake Rocheleau

July 7, 2013 in Inspiration Resources

Common JavaScript techniques include Ajax content, dynamic forms, and modal windows. The content slider/slideshow interface has always been around but has gained a tremendous audience over the past few years. And with the continuing growth of jQuery it is safe to assume that more developers will be creating projects with an open source license.

In this collection I want to present 30 of the most interesting jQuery slider plugins. Each one should work properly with the most current version of jQuery and they also provide their own documentation. It is a great way to introduce yourself into the system and start building websites with some more dynamic effects.


iview sliding plugin slideshow jquery

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