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A Useful Tool For Finding Free and High Quality Resources

by iulian

February 27, 2013 in Resources

Time means money and deadlines are shorter than ever. Therefore, any tool that has the function of reducing your workload should be regarded as a blessing. However, most of the gizmos that you will find online aren’t free and in most cases cost so much that aren’t even worth considering them as an option.

So, what can you do then? Before I answer you this question, you need to take the following advice really seriously. Therefore, if you care about your money, then you should try to avoid the so called premium stock images companies as well as those websites that promise to magically transform overnight your code into a .PSD file.

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Speed Your Development Time with CSSmatic

by Brant Wilson

February 25, 2013 in Resources

CSSmatic is a slick new site that just launched last week. It’s a free toolkit that can help you save time (and money) by automatically creating the endless and complex codes that you used to have to write manually in order to apply graphic elements to your websites.

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One-Day Deal at iStockphoto

by Brant Wilson

February 12, 2013 in Freebies Resources

As many of my readers know, I’m a huge iStockphoto fan. Well they’ve taken notice and reached out to me with another special offer for you guys. Unfortunately this deal is limited to today only (Feb. 12th) so you need to take advantage of this one right away…

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You’ll love this! 205 Killer Photoshop Actions

by Brant Wilson

February 4, 2013 in Resources

Photoshop can do some magical things. By combining all sorts of tools, you can literally make thousands of variations to a single photo.

And with this Photoshop Action Set, you can do it all with pretty much just a click. If you’re looking for a ton of new creativity to add to your Photoshop toolbox, then have we got the right stuff for you! From comes a massive Photoshop Action Set Bundle!

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