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5 Proven UX Strategies

by Shawn Borsky

August 18, 2011 in design Resources

Whether dealing with large corporations, game developers, small businesses or a sole proprietor, most business goals tend to amount to the same needs. User experience is an area that touches almost every single business problem. While every project comes with its own unique situations, there are a few tried-and-true user experience techniques that just work well and always produce results. Here are my top five proven UX strategies and techniques:

Focus on key experiences

A major tendency of designers and clients alike is to think too much about particular elements and focus on smaller details. Many times it’s better to not spend too much time focusing on one specific element. I know this seems counter-productive, but hear me out. Remember, user experience at the end of the day is how the user remembers the experience. It may seem like a minimal differentiation but it’s incredibly important. Human memory is a bit flawed in the recollection department. The user’s mind is wired to remember experiences in a specific way. In a manner of speaking, people use landmarks in their memory to reconstruct experiences. These landmarks are generally referred to as key experiences. Key experiences is a whole subject in and of itself, but the quick bullet points to focus on are:

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18 Time Saving Web Apps for CSS/Web Designers

by Jake Rocheleau

August 15, 2011 in Resources

The web has advanced so much that we can’t even compare to the Internet of 5 years ago. So many modern tools and apps are based in browser these days. And many of these can be useful for the average web designer. I’ve included tools for not only designers, but graphics artists, CSS and HTML developers. Let us know your favorite tools in the comments below.

CSS3 Generator

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