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Showcase of Retro Web Designs

by Brant Wilson

April 24, 2011 in design Inspiration Resources

In this post we have put together some beautiful retro web designs for your inspiration. If you like these retro designs you might also want to check out some of our previous posts below. Enjoy!

Collection of Abstract & Retro Futuristic Designs

350+ Retro and Vintage Photoshop Brushes

Also, if you are looking for further inspiration for a retro web design. You might want to check out a couple of vintage advertising books. There are two listed below that I particularly like.

Ad Boy: Vintage Advertising with Character by Warren Dotz. Buy from
Vintage Commercial Art and Design by Frank H. Atkinson. Buy from


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Techniques for More Efficient Coding

by Matt Ward

April 7, 2011 in design Resources

There is an old saying that “time is money”. It may seem somewhat cliched to read, but there remains definite truth to the statement, even in the world of the web. Whether you’re designing or developing (or, as is often the case, doing both), there is an element of time involved and, as a professional, that time comes with a certain price tag. That price may be something that you the pass on directly to the client through hourly billings, or something you may absorb yourself when working on a flat rate project, but the simple fact of the matter is that the is a direct connection between the amount of time you spend on a project and the amount of money that you can ultimately bill on that project.

If you’re anything like me, one of the things that seems to take the most time on many web projects is the coding side. It’s just so easy to spend hours and hours coding away, and then wondering if you’ve actually accomplished anything because you may not all that much that can be shown or interacted with a tangible manner.

Personally, I find this to be especially true in the more functional stages of a project. Coding up plain HTML and CSS can move pretty quickly, but sometimes coding the more complex, programmatic aspects of a site can be a long, laborious process.

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