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18 Time Saving Web Apps for CSS/Web Designers

by Jake Rocheleau

August 15, 2011 in Resources

The web has advanced so much that we can’t even compare to the Internet of 5 years ago. So many modern tools and apps are based in browser these days. And many of these can be useful for the average web designer. I’ve included tools for not only designers, but graphics artists, CSS and HTML developers. Let us know your favorite tools in the comments below.

CSS3 Generator

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The Web Streaming TV Wars

by Brant Wilson

July 18, 2011 in Resources

Web streaming is the new wave of television programming. Viewers are becoming more attached to this type of viewing protocol because of its flexibility, customization capabilities and mobility. Currently, many of these companies are competing with each other for viewers. Standard programming units are losing money to Internet television because it is more affordable than cable television. Even Internet companies are competing against one another and have begun to block viewers to delineate themselves from the competition. The result has been fluctuating fees and viewers with a number of choices.
Television Wars and Channel Blocking

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