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225+ Free Adobe Illustrator Patterns

by Steven Snell

January 12, 2010 in Resources

Patterns can be extremely helpful for Illustrator users, and there are many good ones that you can download for free. In this post we’ll feature more than 225 repeating patterns that can be downloaded. We’ll start with pattern sets and then we’ll include some individual patterns at the end of the post. As always when you are working with freebies, be sure to check the terms of use or licensing set by the designer.

Pattern Sets:

Organic Patterns (3 patterns)

Organic Patterns

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29 Resources for Freelance Designers Operating on a Tight Budget

by Steven Snell

January 11, 2010 in Resources

There are plenty of highly-useful resources and web apps that have been created with freelance designers and developers in mind. But for many freelancers, especially those who are just getting started, pricing can be an issue. In this post we’ll feature 29 resources that are not only very useful fore freelancers, but also extremely affordable. Many of them are free or offer a free plan, and the others are priced below the competition.

Hopefully you will find some resources here that will help you to save time and make your work more efficient and effective. If you have suggestions of other resources aside from those that are listed here, please leave a comment.

1. Project Bubble

Project Bubble offers free web-based project management and invoicing. Add clients, create projects, track your progress, and invoice clients all from Project Bubble.

Project Bubble

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13 Simple CMS Options

by Steven Snell

January 4, 2010 in Resources

While there are a lot of powerful and feature-rich content management systems available to choose from, designers often have the need to work on small sites for clients that may only have use for a fraction of the features offered by the CMS. In theses cases the ideal solution is to use a simple CMS that may offer limited features, but will be easier for clients to use.

If you’re finding that some of your clients are confused by extra options, consider finding a CMS that has been created specifically for smaller projects with simplicity in mind. In this post we’ll look at 13 options that are available. All of these CMSs should make it easy for you to set up the site, and easy for the clients to manage content.


GetSimple claims to have “everything your clients need, and nothing a CMS dosen’t.” GetSimple is XML-based rather than using a MySQL database, and has been created specifically with the needs of small websites in mind. GetSimple is free and takes about 5 minutes to install.


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250+ Floral Photoshop Brushes

by Steven Snell

December 29, 2009 in Resources

From time-to-time we publish collections of specific styles of Photoshop brushes. One of our most popular collections features floral brushes and it’s now over a year old. Since the time that post was published many new brush sets have been released and we’ve come across some other good sets that weren’t included in that post. Here we’ll present a follow up with more than 250 brushes from 19 different packs.

Grunge and Smooth Floral Brushes (66 brushes)

Grunge and Smooth Floral Brushes

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