10 Useful Screen Capture Websites

As a web designer, I’m always finding useful ways to use website screenshots to benefit my work, and streamline my workflow. Whether I’m creating mood boards, presenting concepts to a client, comping up web templates, or just collecting examples for inspiration, a useful method for capturing multiple screenshots comes in handy. I’ve listed below, in no particular order, a collection of useful screen capturing websites that I use on a regular basis, along with they’re specific benefits.

1. Snapito

In comparison to other sites, it’s quick, and offers a selection of multiple capture sizes. This interface is relatively simple to use, as well.




2. Site2pic

This site doesn’t include many sizing option (actually, none at all), but it’s quick, and easy.




3. Shrink The Web

This site offers a free, and pro version — I’ve used both. The free version is great for quick and easy screen grabs, while the pro version offers an extra set of added benefits, like custom sizing, and designation of file type.




4. Thumbshots

This site offers paid, and unpaid version, along with many levels of functionality and benefits. The only downside is you have to create an account.




5. Websnapr

This site offers free small and micro screenshots, but requires a premium account if you wish to capture larger images. But, it’s quick and easy.




6. Web-Capture

It’s free, and easy to use, and allows you to choose from a number of different file extensions, including SVG graphics.



7. Screenshots

Simple to use, and offers multiple screenshot images to select from. The only downside, screenshots are not always available from more obscure sites.



8. Brow Shot

This site has a relatively easy to use interface, and is really quick. It takes quality, full resolution screenshots, but occasionally, I have trouble withe the custom sizing feature.



9. Page Peeker

This site is a little different, in that it specializes in producing website thumbnails and preview images. Nonetheless, still a useful tool for the right job.



10. ctrlq

It’s simple, stripped down, and might be a beta version, but it get’s the job done in a pinch. And apparently, 137,ooo people like it on Facebook.


These are only a handful of the available web screenshot tools available, and I always recommend exploring on your own to find the perfect tool for you and your workflow. There are also a number of downloadable screenshot software programs, with a wider array of features and functionality. But, if you’re looking for quick, fast and free, quality web screenshots, these are some of the best I’ve come across, so far.

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