20 Best Responsive Web Designs

A website is considered responsive when it is designed in such a way so that the viewers can read the content of the website, navigate through it with easy from different kinds of devices like Android phones or Smartphones, computers, tablets and other such gadgets. Since the number of mobile internet users are increasing at a fast pace, the webmasters should also take some serious steps to provide the browser with the best experience so that they take the initiative to come back to your site time and again.

Since the mobile internet connections have a comparatively slower speed, the designers need to optimize the design, layout as well as the content of the website. This will be useful for the site to get easily uploaded in the server. The content of the website should be specific and they should also be placed strategically so that the viewers can comfortably see the vital information from different screen sizes. A responsive web design can actually boost the return of the company from its online presence, so it is extremely important for the webmaster to take some rigorous steps to convert their website into a responsive one.

1. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd.com, one of the best crowdsourcing platform for Designers got a new responsive design. It has got 100k designers on board and already paid $6.6 m in designer payments.


2. Michela chiucini


3. More hazards


4. Naomi at kinson design


5. Space 150


6. Spigot design


7. Splendid


8. Touch tech


9. Tim


10. Viljamis


11. Lynnandtonic


12. Open medical device research library


13. Oliver russell


14. Palantir


15. Performance marketing awards


16. Rachel nabors


17. Ryan johnson


18. Seespark box


19. Thatma


20. Work dairy


Here is a list of the twenty most beautiful, optimized and trendy looking responsive websites that have benefited a lot after becoming responsive. This will be extremely helpful for the designers who are endeavoring to develop a responsive website for the first time. They can get an understanding how the professional designers have used the minimal screen space and made the most of it.

Cale White is a staff writer for the DesignMag Network.

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