23 Flat Design iPhone Apps

by Brant Wilson

April 18, 2013 in design Inspiration

Flat design is becoming increasingly popular in the design and development space. When we say “flat” we are referring to the minimalist approach to design. We remove borders, shadows, variants, 3d elements to come up with a very clean simple and yes flat design. Minimal design has been popular for a while and it seems that the flat concept is taking the minimalist approach to next level. In this post we have put together some beautiful iPhone applications with flat design.┬áIf you like these designs you might also want to check out our previous post below.

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Overlay window

Sidebar View

Mochila Mail Redesign

Musix app

Squirrel Settings

Interactive Graph

Nagging popup


Interactive Table

Kelvin Weather App for iPhone – 2.0

Musix App – Albums

iOS Mail App

Your Profile

Jojo – transportation app

List View


Dashboard Widgets

Tick Tock Settings

Whatsapp flat redesign

Dashbord for task management app

ios7 Messages

Weather App

Search Engine UI

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