26 Websites with Unusual Navigation

by Brant Wilson

May 2, 2011 in design Inspiration

In this post we have compiled 26 websites with unusual navigation. Enjoy!!



























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  • jaschneiderman

    May 2nd

    Love these. Thanks for sharing. for Navigation, sure – but some very nice typography too.

  • David

    May 2nd

    I think sometimes designers get carried away with being creative with navigation and just make it harder for users to figure out where they’re supposed to go. Sometimes you can get away with it, but most of the time I think it should be simple and easy to navigate. Great collection, some of those are pretty cool.

  • Federica Sibella

    May 3rd

    What about http://centratissimo.musings.it ? Nice round up, not only for navigation features.

  • deedee

    May 3rd

    worklifebalancecentre.org, nice. But…

    “You do not have the necessary version of flash installed.
    To sort this out, click here.”

  • Eric

    May 3rd

    Fun and unusual http://rickardsund.com

  • Samantha Prinsloo

    May 3rd

    These are absolutely gorgeous. Stunning Typography on some of the designs.. There were one or 2 which, at first glance, I wouldn’t be able to tell what to click on.. but still stunning!

  • Web Design Adelaide - Proof Creative

    May 4th

    Incredible stuff here! Would love to get some forward thinking clients to try this on.

  • Freelance webdesigner

    May 4th

    Love some of them, especialu the first is very cool.
    Abstract shapes make it look more app like.

    @samantha this is the problem with unique navigation webdesign, so if your audience can handle it you should definitly do it. But thats my opinion.

  • JAson

    May 4th

    I also love the navigation on http://www.bankwest.com.au

  • Andrick

    May 4th

    Organic Greed is so like http://www.buero15.com/

  • Moon Themes

    May 4th

    I always make my navigation simple and clean, now by seeing this collection, one day i will try to make an extremely unusual navigation!

  • cliparts

    May 5th

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll absolutely try to use it.

  • Dessign

    May 6th

    Great navigation’s, but also beautiful website design, very creative and unique,


  • Victor Siliceo

    May 7th

    Thanks: Great Ideas!!!

  • David Christian-Woodruff

    May 9th

    I have to agree with the other David here. Whilst some of these designs are stunning, the ease of use has to be a priority when building a website, especially when considering the functionality. Consider an eCommerce website like this, it just wouldn’t work.

    Personally, I love these designs and jaxvineyards really stands out for me. Simple but really effective. Overall I think they are vibrant and really stand out from a lot of really poor work that is currently on the net. That said, I can also take a step back and realise that these won’t always be what is needed in a final design. It’s a fine balance in creating something new, useful and easy to use.

  • motiongraphics designer

    May 10th

    This is a good blog with lots of ideas.

  • Daniel Nolan

    May 10th

    I am a web designer for Creare Communications and have seen a number of these sites before for their unique designs. However some of these sites are new to me and I do like their layouts and concepts with unusual navigation ideas. The main point of a navigation to to ensure the viewer can navigate around the site with ease, but creating something different is always important to making your site memorable.
    Here are my thought on a few of the sites. Please feel free to add to my comment.
    The ‘I am Yuna’ site takes on a simple design and its navigation is different to the norm. But still manages to be easy to understand and use.
    The ‘Ted x Portland’ site uses the navigation to aid the scroll down the page. This is something that can be seen on a large number of sites. The difference with this site is the effect used on the XRD text when scrolling down the page. This is impressive and adds to the sites appeal.
    ‘Ambermiro’ navigation looks simple and allows you to scroll down the page with ease. The main thing I liked about this site was the layout and design of the page, it is clear and elegant with an overall very nice design.
    I do like the navigation used on the ‘Cooper’ site. However I do think that the layout is too cluttered and could be confusing to the audience.
    ‘Griplimited’ is definitely an alternative site and I really do like the use of typography and the use of the individual scrolling columns.

  • SitePunk

    May 12th

    Awesome ideas for navigations! The typography is great as well. Thank’s for sharing!

  • Data Entry Service

    May 19th

    really really great ideas what a creativity in the design

    thanks for sharing

  • Chandana

    May 24th

    Really different ideas implemented. Good work and thanks for sharing.

  • Emprego

    May 24th

    I liked this list of websites. Everyone has a different style. The navigation of a website is really important.

  • Venkatesh Bashetty

    May 27th

    It’s really great collections!!!

  • Website Design Buffalo

    Jun 28th

    Hey, good to see you up and running officially. These look fantastic too. You’ve been doing a ton of work for yourself, and it’s all great.

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