30+ Abstract Brushes and Patterns

A good piece of art always contains the aspect of attraction, which provides the initial prompt of glances from potential onlookers. But a great piece of art is able to capture and compel their gaze to linger for that extra span of time. Every true artist shoots to achieve this secondary level of interest, but few know the techniques to use to create that deeper level of interest. Adding texture to various aspects of your designs is an easy way to do this quickly and effectively through the use of Photoshop brushes and patterns.

So we’ve put together a list of more than 30 brushes and patterns that you can add to your text, backgrounds, or other digital art layers in your composition to add interest and intrigue to your designs. And when your goal is to stand out, what works better than to use abstract designs?

Check It Out! Our 30+ Top Freebies for Abstract Brushes and Patterns

Make your designs “pop” with this Dot Splatter Brush
Dot Splatter Brush












Create realistic explosions and other electrifying designs.

Ultimate Brush Pack 5













A great use of ink splatters never gets old.

Ink Splatter













Give your art that edgy feel you’ve been looking for with these grunge brushes.

Grunge Brushes


Rusty Grunge 2























Go truly abstract with a background filled with scribbles.

Abstract Brushes












Adding a sci-fi feel to your work can really make it go galactic.

Tech Brushes

Btech Brushes

Abstract Brushes 12

Abstract Brushes 13













































Use smooth transitions for a flowing feel to your designs.
Wavy Hair Brushes

Fractal Brushes Pack 8


Abstract 2













































Go edgy with sharp, acute shapes in your art.
Abstract 5 Photoshop Brushes

Alchemy Brushes

Abstract 3

Fortune Brushes












































Use shapes… on steroids!

Abstract 4

8 Bit Brushes

5 Abstract Brushes



































Add this out-of-this-world pattern to your background to create a star gaze effect.

Seamless Abstract Nebula Textures












Stimulate the sense of touch by adding these textile patterns to your backgrounds.

12 Free High Resolution Fabric Photoshop Patterns

Pattern 1























Roughen up your designs with this great grunge pattern.

Beige Grunge Patterns

Compositions Patterns























Go retro! Mix it up by incorporating another era into your designs.

Grungy Retro Wallpaper Patterns

Playful Seamless Retro Patterns

PINKgossip_04 patterns

9 patterns













































If you’re appealing to females, adding flowing patterns can add a feminine approach to your work.

Abstract Pattern Brushes


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