30 Opera Browser Extensions for Web Designers and Developers

The Opera web browser is a great choice for reliable cross-platform Internet surfing. It’s typically quicker than Firefox and offers a longer development history than Chrome. The Opera team works hard to create an expansive browser with plenty of extra features to keep users coming back. And it’s fair to say the people who use Opera definitely enjoy the program.

This gallery is dedicated to extensions for Opera which can help you design, take apart, reconstruct, or analyze websites. Both designers and developers will find something useful in this collection whether coding from scratch or using site builders to save you time.

Whether you’re a long-time user or might just try Opera on a whim, this post has an extension for every web enthusiast.


w3c validator html opera browser extension

HTML Color Coder

html color code picker hex opera extension

Web Developer

web developer browser opera extension tools

User-Agent Switcher

user agent switcher opera browser extension

Live HTTP Headers

live http headers browser opera extension

Color Picker Extension

color picker extension opera design browser


opera view source syntax dom website development extension

Edit the Page

edit html css page opera extension development


omeasure opera extension plugin measuring width


scripter script inclusion checker opera extension

Firebug Lite

firebug lite button browser opera extension


auto ipsum lorem opera browser extension design

Responsive Design Tester

test web design responsive layout checker extension for opera


json viewer extension reader syntax extension


opera extension script xdebug php development ide

Readable JavaScript

readable javascript extension opera web browser


scriptkeeper extension no script blocking opera


autopager auto pagination extension browser opera

Edit This Cookie

extension opera browser edit website cookies


makelinks display popup previews for hyperlinks

Images Dimensions

image dimension checker preview extension opera

Encode-Decode HTML

encode decode html entities extension opera browser

URL Encoder/Decoder

url encode decode slashes extension browser opera

Server Details

server details website hosting extension opera

Tab Accordion

tab accordion extension opera browser design


website checker scripts ads ghostery opera extension

Shorten URL

opera extension popup browser toolbar shorten url

.no { CSS }

no css opera extension details

Script Weeder

script weeder cleaning js javascript

The Developer Briefcase

the developer briefcase opera browser extension

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