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32 Websites With Big Background Photos

In this inspirational gallery we are featuring 32 websites that are using big background photos. Enjoy!!

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Beautiful Websites with gorgeous large background


  • Shikeb Ali

    What a coincidence, I published the same post a day earlier(6th August) on

  • Federica Sibella

    Really inspiring! It’s true that a good image is worth more than 1000 words. Here is another example

  • hawaii web design

    I love creating website with full backgrounds too… the only downside is when you have to create a screenshot of the whole page.. then you have to modify the screenshot to not repeat the background again…

  • Studio Shindiri

    Great list of sites with full background photos. Thanks for sharing.
    I will re-share this on my G+ and FB.


    Are my preferite sites with full background…I make a restaurant in these days with a big picture like background. In this post my preferite is caurestaurants.

  • Tizon

    For the next one you could use too