Learn Verified promises you’ll land a Job as a Web Developer

There are dozens of online training programs to improve your skills as a frontend or backend developer. But one incredible choice is Learn Verified which promises a job to each person that completes the program.

The Learn Verified web developer track is built on Flatiron School’s curriculum. This teaches real applicable knowledge as used in many rising startups and tech companies. This includes 600+ hours of content that teaches everything from frontend to backend web development.

If you have drive and are willing to learn then this method could be perfect. Take a look at their list of employers recruiting for new hirees.

Learn Verified website

Costs typically scale from $1000/mo which can be mitigated based on how long it takes. If you’re willing to study hard then it’s possible to complete the course in 3 months. Developers who already have some knowledge will be at an advantage here.

To learn more visit the Learn Verified page which explains all features and curriculum. You might also check out the Flatiron School on Facebook for semi-frequent updates.

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