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17 Logo Design Case Studies

Although there are a lot of quality tutorials available for designing logos, case studies from real-world projects can prove to be even more valuable as a learning resource. Case studies are excellent for showing more of the entire process, the steps that are involved, and putting it into the context of a specific client.

In this post we’ll point you towards 17 logo design case studies that will give you an in-depth look at the process of logo or identity design.

Logo Design Process and Walkthrough for Vivid Ways

Logo Design Process and Walkthrough for Vivid Ways

  • Russell Hampton

    Very insightful post. It’s amazing how much work is put into a single element. That’s why I get so frustrated when a client tells me to “whip up a logo” in an hour or two. sigh…

  • Amberly | Web Designer

    Excellent article. Logo design has always been something I wanted to really work on – this is just another great article to add to the toolbox.
    myNiteLife Rocks…

  • JC

    Great list guys…I always love case studies b/c they let you the behind the scenes stuff that goes into creating something. I will definitely be checking these out!

  • Vicki – VictoriaAnn Design

    Great post! I love to see the published logo case studies but don’t always catch each one that crops up via twitter etc so it’s good to have a collection. I’ll be looking through these. I’m not brave enough to post one of my own from start to finish!

  • Steve Zelle

    Always nice to see how other designers work. An additional resource for logo design processes is Processed Identity, ( a community driven site dedicated to the creative process.

    Thanks Steven

  • Clayton Correia

    Thanks for these. I really like these posts showing the process of people create logos. Always interesting.

  • Tammy Lenski

    Thanks for including my logo in the list! I’m thrilled with the logo David Airey designed for me and get constant positive feedback about it.

  • Logo Bliss

    These provide an interesting perspective into the design process. Nice post.

  • lava360blog

    some of the great logo designs with case studies. you can take many inspiration and how the other designer work. excellent post

  • Logo Design

    Great perspective into the design and logo process.

  • Oliver Cardiff

    Great article. I’ve never been good at logo design but these case studies are definitely going to be a good read and give me a better idea about the process of designing a logo. Thanks for sharing.

  • Isa

    Really nice list, guys! I’m doing my final project at college about brading, and the post was really useful 😀 Congratulations for the site!

  • Web

    Perfect work.

    The persons that create this designs are just EXPERTS :)

  • Anna Green

    Logo design is so difficult, you need to put a lot of effort in whilst making the design seem like its effortless. The devil is in the detail, if you look closely at any of these great logos there are many small subtle details making up the designs, there is much to learn by taking a closer look!

  • Victoria Blount

    These are really sleek and simple looking logos which have been well thought out and the target audience and brand have been considered.

  • Shane

    Thanks for these resources. So many great logos, and it’s always good to see some thought processes.


  • logo designing chennai

    nice article, thanks for sharing

  • dallas logo design

    These are great examples for inspiration. The liquid illustration for Vividways is great.

  • cement plant(mill)

    they are good ideas all.

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  • Brett Widmann

    These are very interesting studies. I will keep these in mind if i ever change my logo, or work on creating a logo for someone else.

  • Mark

    Thank you for providing this logos. It is SOOOOOOO difficult to find a good logo. A friend of mine just is working on a new logo for a new project. Hard work!

  • flyerheaven

    Nice Case-Study … we will see what kind of results we can took of it for our company

  • Yuri Suarez

    Thank for the logos, great help for logo designers.

  • custom logo designs

    Well written article, well investigated and useful for me in the future.I am so glad you took the time and effort to write this posting. Will be back soon.

  • Mark Astle

    Some of those logos are not good at all.

  • Rory

    Tasty like a spoonful of honey… I agree with Mark though some are a bit whack.
    The top three are my top three.

  • logo designing india

    your article was great.the quality of tutorials for designing logos are very necessary. the studies case from real-world projects can prove to more valuable as a learning resource.

  • webdesign

    Wow – just perfect place to find really good inspirations. I’m impressed.

  • Robert| local SEO

    Great collection of logo design inspiration. The liquid illustration for Vividways is I think the best looking logo. But I’ve noticed most of the company logos have white backgrounds, maybe it’s more effective? I’m not really sure, there must be reason behind it, or maybe just plain coincidence.