Showcase Of Hand-Drawn Web Designs

by Brant Wilson

November 3, 2010 in design Inspiration

Most designers reveal their creativity on paper in the form of sketches. So why not in web design? Here we showcase web designs that are hand drawn.





























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  • Jahangir

    Nov 3rd

    WOW, I think only those people can make these kind of sites who are good at designing characters or fine art.

    Thanks for the compilation :)

  • Jeremy Darko

    Nov 3rd

    Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed this post

  • Mike Edward Moras (e-sushi™)

    Nov 4th

    Hmmm, this actually makes me dig up my Wacom Bamboo pad to scribble a bit again. It’s been a year or so since I used it… and designing a website “by hand” seems interesting and cool enough to do. Thank you for the inspiration. Keep it coming!

  • juank

    Nov 4th

    you missed

  • Omer Yaqub

    Nov 4th

    I love ‘beavory’design.

  • laman web

    Nov 4th

    great collection…thanks for sharing….

  • naro

    Nov 4th

    it’s cool, first comment!

  • Dzinepress

    Nov 4th

    inspiring hand-drawn website designs.

  • Amelia Johnson

    Nov 4th

    Fantastic hand drawn designs, they look so much more original than other websites around. Green Olivez is my favourite, but the online portfolio of Jesse Willmon is a fantastic idea – Its quite different to the work she has been producing for BBC America, it’s nice to see a designer that can work in an array of styles.

  • Urviho

    Nov 4th

    Nice inspiration :)

  • Joseph Cohen - UX Designer

    Nov 4th

    great selection of sketched sites :)

  • Joe Rozsa

    Nov 4th

    The blogbier sketches are photoshop brushes that ANYONE can download.

  • benedetta.s

    Nov 4th

    Really nice collection! thanks!

  • Krishna

    Nov 4th

    Quite inspiring! seems like quite a common “theme” as I have seen soo many whilst just surfing the web..
    nice list! :)

  • Space & Time Design

    Nov 4th

    Great variation of sites!

  • Hawaii Web Design

    Nov 4th

    The ability to make killer illustrations and build web sites? Deadly combo. Nice lineup.

  • Web Design Hull

    Nov 5th

    I really love hand drawn designs on websites, just wish I had the skills to be able to create them myself!… Great copy on the Project 365 site.

  • Voda

    Nov 5th

    olympiafilmfestival — blow my mind

  • David Webb

    Nov 7th

    They are stunning for hand drawn designs.


  • Web Design Nottingham

    Nov 7th

    Brilliant Stuff!!!

  • welikedesign

    Nov 10th


    Thanks very inspiring article, I saw another one hand drawn last time I particulary liked, have a look

  • Cherie

    Nov 14th

    I’m so totally loving some of these ‘hand drawn’ sites…very cool! Just saw this via a TWEET!

    Google: Cherie’s Art
    Twitter me: Cheries_art

  • Harry Ford

    Nov 15th

    I have an Illustrated one as well!!! –

  • ngassmann

    Nov 15th

    Anyone else laugh at Naro in this comment thread?

    And thanks designmag for making me feel even more embarrassed that I can’t illustrate for beans!

  • Talita Emmanuela

    Nov 15th

    thank you person above me, and even if I could illustrate, it would sure take me some days.. I’m impressed with these people congrats to all!

  • fuzzimo

    Nov 16th

    Fun collection! Thanks!

  • Swopper Stuhl

    Nov 30th

    Wow, these a fun and amazing designs! Not what I want for my website right now but these have surely intrigued me. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Intelisystem

    Dec 3rd

    i found your blog through googling. your blog gives to us very good knowledge about hand drawn designs on websites and web development . this blog is very good as a golden opportunity for web development.
    This is very nice blog . I really love this blog.

    Thank you,

  • Inka Mathew

    Dec 30th

    Very nice collection. I’ve been pondering about redoing my website with some hand-drawn elements. This post have been a great nudge and inspiration. Thanks!

  • TheKoolDots

    Mar 16th

    Nice, a creative alternative approach. My picks would be


    Thanks for exapmples

  • Ad campaign

    Mar 21st

    Great collection put together here of some fantastic site concepts, i have been looking for some inspiration and have just found it.

  • Sign Blog

    May 11th

    Awesome collection, really like the edgy effect it gives the site. Will certainly have to try to implement this concept in to some future designs.

  • farid

    Jun 30th

    nice, fresh blend of hand scratches and technology.

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