The Easiest and Fastest Way to Identify a Font

People have the tendency to get things stuck in their heads. Mostly things that they like but can’t find the second time. It’s that cool tune you heard on the radio while driving but it didn’t say what it is called, it’s that cool pair of sneakers that someone has but you don’t know from where he bought it from, it’s that awesome font you found the other days while surfing the web and really want to use it in your next project but there isn’t anyone who can tell you what it is. Well, designers, I have good news for you, unfortunately I can’t help those of you out there still searching for the song they heard on prom night when they almost kissed their high school sweetheart.


Your search for recognizing fonts that are stuck to your retina and won’t go away is over because of, an website that can basically identify every font that’s out there, with the exception of custom made fonts. This website is a free and easy to use font identifier that allows you in just 3 steps to uncover the font you are looking for. And if somehow it doesn’t recognize the font that you’re looking for, it will show you a lot of similar ones from their library of more than 280,000 fonts.


You will see in the images below that the site is really easy to use, but you should keep in mind that the results won’t be accurate each time because sometimes the font you want to identify isn’t in its database, but still it will show you a selection of similar fonts from which you can choose and I find this to be a really good feature.


I used an image with the Broadway font in order to test this tool:


The whole process takes only three steps:


1. Upload the image:



2. Select the characters:



3. The result:



As you can see, the result was accurate and they matched the font I have used. The tool worked very well and I am very pleased with how this site works. It is easy to use and the result show up in less than 10 seconds.

Click here to visit:



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