Useful Tips for Building a Brand Identity with a Business Card

 Brand design is never easy; in fact, it’s such a delicate task that you never know when you got the right thing and your career depends on it. Business cards are a means of presentation taken for granted these days. If having no social media makes you non-existent, how can you exist in the real world without real branding?


The business card is sort of like a spokesman. And people know that. They want the spokesman to speak for you. But careful now. You don’t want him to talk too much and without saying anything, nor you want him to be shy. He should be charismatic but not cheesy, not too modest but not too boasting either. And most importantly – on point. People eventually throw away business cards, no time for collecting them. That’s why they have to remember yours. So give them a reason not to throw yours away.


Although originality is in order, business cards are not the domain in which you should set your artistic imagination free. What I mean is that you should be unique and original within certain boundaries. For example, the size of the business cards is a standard one, and for a good reason. First of all, it’s easy to recognize. If you make a business card the size of a wedding invitation it will probably be confused with one. Secondly, it has to be small to fit inside pockets. They should be easy to carry around objects, you don’t want to lose your potential clients because they’ve lost your business card. Thirdly, don’t go too wild on the writing. A business card is not abstract art. It should be easy to read and memorize. If you make it too fancy the client might get bored in the process of decrypting the name of your brand.


What you write on your card is again very important. This has changed in the last twenty years, as the communication era has deemed physical addresses obsolete. If customers want to come to your office they will most likely call or e-mail first. Contact information should include just name, phone and e-mail. And your website, if you have one.


So what exactly makes a business card memorable? After all it’s just a piece of paper, it can’t be rocket science. But it’s not child’s play either. The elements of a business card are precise and palpable: the colors, the font, the phrasing, the images. You need to mix them in order to create something memorable.

And that’s exactly what Youprint is: a melting pot for your business card. The whole process comprises of three steps: pick, customize and order. A business cards template usually has everything that you need in order to create the perfect business identity. But if you’re not happy with it, then customize takes you further into the cosmetic room. You can choose and change any color and font and see the result live. When you get what you want, all you have to do is order.



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