28 Cute Children’s Book Illustrations from Digital Artists

Illustrators have found a nurturing community on the web where they can share awesome work. Artists drawing for children’s books were almost always done by hand. But with the popularity of Adobe software and the many tablet devices it’s easier than ever to move your work digital!

In this design showcase I’ve put together 28 heartwarming illustrations from Dribbble artists. These are all featured from many different children’s books and relate to individual projects. If you enjoy any parts of our collection of have example illustrations of your own please let us know in the post discussion area.

Book Leaf Cover

A Sandman Story


Pop-up Book

Illustration for Book Cover

Snowday Recon

Picky Alligator

Phil Lately

Sea Turtle

Behind the Moon Concept Art


Land of Nod

Hansel and Gretel

Super Hero Kids

Captain Hook

Rocket to Planet Charlie

Pirate Stripes

Run Boy Run

Halfway Herbert

Spot Dog

Norb’s Shakes and Sweets

Cat Meets a Baby Seagull

You Can’t Eat That

Best Friends

Picture Book City Detail

Kitchen Detail


Bear with Coffee and Croissant

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