40 More Brilliant Mobile Responsive Website Layouts

There are hundreds of brand new mobile responsive website layouts published every month. The trend has swept through the design world and taken web development to a new level. In the past we have written on some other amazing responsive websites and I want to use this gallery as another comparison.

I’ve put together 40 outstanding mobile responsive website screenshots from a widescreen monitor. All of these layouts will reposition based on the device’s window screen. You can accomplish this design style by using CSS3 media queries. Most of these layouts are perfect for inspiration as you can see how the different trends can fold together. You could consider taking one of these layouts and starting a new mobile website development project.

Cantina Dorigati

Lotta Nieminen



Paid To Exist

Vittorio Vittori

Bodhum Network

Oxide Interactive



William & Mary

Wentworth Mansion

Keynes for Kids

Big Youth

Yellow Pencil

Introducing The Novel

Madame Gautier

Hair Project

Tympanus Codrops

Atlanta Ballet


Element Creative

Google Cultural Institute

Future of Web Design NYC 2012

Inspire Conference 2012


Design Week Portland

Fork CMS


These Are Things

Sunday Best Designs

Full Frontal 2012

JSDay 2012

Breaking Development Conference

Earth Hour

Dust and Mold Designs

DrupalCon Munich 2012



Conferencia Rails

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