Designer Showcase: Alex Beltechi

by Steven Snell

May 21, 2009 in Designer Showcase

Many of you are probably familiar with Alex Beltechi’s work on blogs like PSDTUTS and GoMediaZine. Alex has some incredible work that I am happy to feature here. You can get to know a little bit about him, get some inspiration from his work, and find some places where you can connect with him.

Oradea, Romania

Design experience:
I’ve always been an artsy person, but didn’t think I’d make a career out of it someday. I started working in print for my church, at about age 15. I remember working in “Microsoft Picture It!” for a long time, and fliers, brochures, pamphlets, banners were the norm. Overseeing the entire process from initial sketches to the printed final product has taught me a whole lot, and is a sort of foundation for everything I create today.

During high-school I also started to work as a freelancer, but it was more like a pocket money gig, than an actual job. Eventually I started taking design seriously, and that’s when I decided to get a major in it someday.

Educational background:
I planned to do one year of Bible College, and then obtain a diploma in Graphic Design. The plan is still in action, as I’m now a first year Graphic Design student.

Currently available for client work:
I’ve actually been taking more freelance projects lately, and do intend to make it a full time “job”, but I’m taking time off from work this whole summer. I’ll be ready to take on new projects this fall.

Areas of specialization or focus:
Graphic Design and Illustration. That could mean a thousand different things, so I’ll be narrowing down my options during school. I’d like to create illustrations in advertising some day.

What is your best advice for other designers who are looking to
improve their skills?

Don’t be a brag. There’s a lot you can learn from other people, and pride will only slow you down. Admit your mistakes, take good advice in consideration, and you’ll not only be able to grow faster, but create a positive impression on everyone around you. I find it hard to work with and learn from overly proud people.

From Alex’s Portfolio:

Connect with Alex:

Behance –
Flickr –
Twitter – @AlexBeltechi (just started with Twitter)

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  • Victoria Web

    May 22nd

    There are some really nice pieces of work, using typography manipulation. All are set in a fantasy style back drop, which is executed to a high standard. This is very inspirational work!

  • Tom

    May 22nd

    nice stuff

  • Kimcool

    May 24th

    Great designer.

  • Om Ipit

    May 25th

    hi, u’re very inspiring for me

  • Cosmin

    May 29th

    Bravo Alex!

  • Johnson Koh

    Jun 2nd

    Great interview. Alex is an excellent artist and contributor to the design community.

  • Lica

    Jun 25th

    foarte frumos, bravo. (really nice work)

  • lv bags

    Aug 9th

    great collection

  • pallavi

    Apr 25th

    great panting great design its awesome dude keep doing it.

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