34 Free Open Source CSS Code Snippets for Developers

With a quick Google search you will find a ton of handy CSS2/CSS3 code snippets. But what about pre-built CSS web interfaces? There are some cool widgets and samples out there, but it can be difficult finding great high-quality releases. I think developers really treasure open source codes for the fact that it saves a lot of time putting together more complicated websites.

In this showcase gallery I have organized 34 outstanding and free CSS code snippets. All of these examples provide some type of website interface element such as forms, buttons, tables, switches, pagination, and other common items. Be sure to check out the gallery listing to get a better idea of what you may be able to use in your own website(s). All items are provided by CSSFlow which you can download for free and include on any number of projects.

Glossy Buttons

bright css3 glossy buttons

Facebook Login Form

css html website login form effects input

Dark Datepicker

dark website interface date picker ui

Pricing Table

css3 html5 pricing table buttons freebie

Social Buttons

css3 social media buttons designs

Notification Windows

css3 warning windows html5 open source

Dark and Light Dropdowns

select menu lists input form dark light ui

Newsletter Signup Form

newsletter signup subscribe box effect

Dark Pagination

dark pagination ui effects website

Settings Panel

mac osx settings input panel css3 open source

Multi-colored Buttons

shiny multi-colored buttons css3 html5

Notification Badges

small css3 icons badges notify ios navigation freebie

Flip-Down Clock

static css3 clock paper effects rolodex

Share Buttons

social media sharing buttons freebie open source

Modal Contact Form

bright modal contact form input effects css3

Notepaper Blockquote

css3 notepaper block quote effect

Toggle Switches

pure css3 user input toggle switches open source

Metal Progress Bar

metal progress bar ui html5 css3 freebie

OSX-Style Window

transparent mac osx window made using css3 html5

Search Dropdown

search input dropdown menu suggested open source

Mini Social App

mini twitter social app ui interface css3 freebie

Month Picker

css3 generated input freebie month selection

Animated Progress Bar

css3 animated progress bar interface ui

Inset Side Navigation

inset side navigation effects freebie open source

Login Form

cssflow freebie snippet login form css3 html5 download

Dark Navigation

horizontal dark navigation tabs menu links

Light Horizontal Nav

light horizontal navigation bar tabs links freebie open source

Dark Horizontal Nav

dark block buttons navigation links css3 html5

Animated Profile Popover

user profile features popover hover effects open source

3D Buttons

html css3 3-d buttons freebie download codes

Sliding Tags

sliding blog tags posts count number jquery css3

Accordion Menu

vertical html5 css3 accordion menu interface design

Tabbed Navigation

css3 tabbed navigation toolbar effects design

Mini Dropdown Menu

dark dropdown menu css3 mini effects ui

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