40 Photos of Creative Offices & Freelance Workspaces

by Jake Rocheleau

May 11, 2012 in Business/Freelance

There’s no denying that WordPress has become the leading CMS on the market. Anybody looking to launch a simple website would be foolish not to consider WP. It has the largest amount of free themes and plugins – not to mention the huge base of developers working to push out bug fixes every day.

But just working with the default WordPress options is not enough. That’s why I have this collection of 26 amazing resources for those interested in learning WordPress. You can find hundreds of free templates & plugins to mess around with. Additionally some web developers have written tutorials on how you can edit code and customize your installation. Spend some time going through these links and be sure to share your thoughts with us in the post discussion area.

Creative Office Aquarium

Office of Paku, Hamburg


A Grown Up Job

New office!

Home Office Brooklyn NYC

Macbook Desk Setup

London Creative Space

Cluttered Desk

Freelancing Outside


Quaint Home Office

Office Space

Office at Night

Dual-Monitor Work Room

Dual-Monitor Side View

Cleared Open Office Space

Freelance Office in Seattle, Washington

Corner Office Space

Working Freelance

Auxillary Desk

Office Cubicles

Home Desktop v2.0

2011 Home Office Desk

Office on the Ocean

Super-Simple Work Station

Cocoia Office

Ottawa, Canada Home Office

Apple Cinema Display

Home Office Furniture

iMac Custom Setup

Home Office circa 2009

Architect Home Office

Reorganized Office Salem, Massachusetts

Old Desk Setup 2005

Our Cavernous Office

Freelancing from Home

Sun Room & Home Office

Working on Windows XP

Big Space

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