75+ Articles to Help Freelance Designers Find More Work

Where do you find work?

For freelance designers and developers, finding work on a consistent basis is one of the biggest challenges. Especially in the current economy, this is one aspect of freelancing that prevents some from achieving everything they want as a freelancer. Fortunately, there are plenty of great articles available online that can help you to improve in certain areas that will help you to have a steady workload.

In this post we’ll feature more than 75 articles on various topics that can help freelancers to find more work and achieve a more stable and significant income.


  1. Freelance Portfolio Tips to Ace Job Contracts
  2. Five tips for a fantastic portfolio site
  3. 5 Awesome Portfolio Tips to Maximize Sales for Freelancers
  4. Top 10 Portfolio Tips for Freelance Designers
  5. Why You Should Treat Your Freelance Portfolio Like a Stock Portfolio
  6. How To Put Together a Solid Freelance Portfolio
  7. Redesigning Your Portfolio Site: 4 Tips to Make it Better and Get More Business
  8. How to Make Your Portfolio Site More Effective by Adding a Blog
  9. 5 Tips for a Better Online Portfolio
  10. 200 Portfolio Sites for Web Design Inspiration
  11. How to Make Your Portfolio Better and Get More Clients – Part 1 (and Part 2)


  1. Make selling your freelance services easier by using long term contracts
  2. Create an About Page for Your Blog that’s a Secret Freelance Sales Weapon
  3. 7 Pain Free Sales Tips for Creatives
  4. Ten Sales Tips for Freelancers
  5. Sales Tips for Shy People
  6. 6 Basic Sales Tips Every Freelance Web Designer Really Needs to Know
  7. How to Win Clients with Time Tested Sales Techniques
  8. The Lost Art of Selling – 10 (Almost Effortless) Ways to Increase Sales
  9. 10 Essential Steps to Making the Perfect Pitch
  10. The Dos and Don’ts of Selling to Clients
  11. The Violent Truth of Freelance Sales
  12. Selling Website Design: How to Overcome the 3 Most Ignorant Objections

Economic Trends:

  1. The Lateral Freelancer: How to Make A Living in the Share Economy
  2. Working your way in the freelance economy
  3. Features of the Freelance Economy
  4. 5 Economic Trends that Affect Freelancers
  5. 6 Ways to Help Your Business Weather the Economic Storm
  6. 8 Ways Freelancers Can Survive in a Troubled Economy
  7. 17 Tips for Getting Through a Business Downturn

Getting Work:

  1. Finding Freelance Projects
  2. The real truth about finding more freelance design work
  3. How Should Freelancers Find Work?
  4. Side Hustle: 5 Ways to Score Freelance Gigs
  5. 5 Ways to Find Work as a New Freelancer
  6. Land of the freelancers, home of the brave: How to find your next freelance gig online
  7. 17 Great Websites to Find Freelance Jobs
  8. How to Create a Great Web Design CV and Resume
  9. How to Respond to Job Postings Faster than the Competition (Without Canned Responses)
  10. The Secret to Landing Clients Nearly 100% of the Time
  11. You vs. the Design Firms: How to Win Every Time
  12. How to Win Jobs on Freelance Bidding Sites
  13. 27 Places to Find Web Design Jobs
  14. A Simple Way to Stop Clients from Rejecting Your Proposals
  15. How to Stop Scrambling for Clients and Get a Steady Stream of Paying Gigs
  16. Three Sure-Fire Ways to Receive a Killer Referral from Your Clients
  17. 7 Tips on Quoting Freelance Projects
  18. Tips for Attracting Local Clients
  19. The Lone Web Designer: Strategies for Competing Against the Big Agencies

Finding Work Through Social Networks:

  1. Finding Work on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  2. How to Really Use Twitter to Find More Freelance Work
  3. Being Social Online Can Help You Find Freelance Gigs
  4. A Social Network “Unstrategy” for Finding Freelance Gigs
  5. Creative Ways to Land Freelance Work from Social Media
  6. Embracing Social Media as Freelance Job Search Tool
  7. 15 Ways New Freelancers Can Use Social Media to Boost Business
  8. 8 Things You Can Do to Get Work Through LinkedIn
  9. How to Use Social Networks to Find Gigs
  10. 5 Ways You Can Use Twitter to Build Your Online Profile, Network and Get More Clients
  11. Gigantic Tips Guide for Finding Jobs with LinkedIn

Other Income:

  1. Web Designers Making Thousands of Dollars in Passive Income
  2. 5 Ways to Make Passive Income For Freelance Designers
  3. My secret to making steady money as a freelance designer
  4. Why Every Freelancer Should Have a Personal Project
  5. Passive Income Strategies For Web Designers
  6. 9 Tips for Creating and Maximizing a Steady Income by Selling Stock
  7. 11 Steps for a More Stable Freelance Income


  1. How to market your design, the integrated approach
  2. This is Only a Test… Or Is It? How To Test Your Marketing Efforts as a Freelancer
  3. A Complete Guide of Self-Marketing As A Freelancer
  4. The Importance of Content Marketing for Freelance Web Designers and Studios
  5. Effective Differentiation for Freelancers
  6. 5 Brand-Building Actions Every Freelancer Should Take Now
  7. 11 Ways to Gain Exposure as a Web Designer
  8. 5 Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Freelance Business
  9. How to Stick Out and Get Clients to Remember You
  10. 6 Simple Ways to Promote Your Online Business Offline
  11. 3 Steps to Creating a Freelance Brand that Sells
  12. How to Get More Freelance Gigs Using Viral Marketing
Stephen Snell is the owner and editor of Vandelay Design, a popular design blog.
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