Announcing the MOJO-Themes Cyber Bundle

MOJO-Themes is a growing buy and sell marketplace for a variety of blogging and design platforms such as WordPress. New themes and templates are added daily and users are able to find themes based on theme style, cost, number of sales, and upload date.

Over the past year MOJO Themes has proven to continue to grow and keep building upon their thriving community of premium design products. In celebration of their successful year in business, MOJO-Themes is announcing their first annual MOJO-Themes Cyber Bundle packed full of the marketplaces top selling items such as premium WordPress themes. This is a package that is sure to make anyone salivate.

What are the Cyber Bundle details?

To begin, you get $579 worth of premium products for only $30! Don’t hesitate though, since the bundle will only last for 10 days, from midnight on November 29th (Cyber Monday) until midnight on December 9th.

What do you get for only $30?

The Cyber Bundle is packed with a total of 18 hand selected items.

  • 6 Premium WordPress Themes
  • 1 Premium WordPress Plugin
  • 3 Premium HTML Templates
  • 1 Premium Magento Theme
  • 2 Premium Tumblr Themes
  • 2 Premium Email Templates
  • 2 Premium PSD Templates
  • 1 MOJO/Fast Icon Set (160 Custom Icons!)

Now head on over now before it’s too late! Click here for more information.

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  1. December 1, 2010

    Man, I’m a sucker for these bundles! Tons of good stuff in there for a rediculous price. I will probably be purchasing this.

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