Where To Host Your Website: The Top 10 Companies

Web hosting is one of the most important aspect of an online business whether it is a small personal blog or a huge social media website. It doesn’t matter if you have a gorgeous web page if your server keeps crashing. For a visitor there is nothing worse than trying to access a website that is offline. In the end, your newest song, article, movie clip or anything else you hope will make your website popular doesn’t matter if you cannot show it to your visitors. Therefore, you should be really careful when you choose who will host your site. In this article we will give you the top 10 best web hosting solutions for 2013.


1. knownhost

The reliable services from KnownHost are unrivaled. And when I say “reliable”, I mean that an ’army’ of 250 servers render a Network Uptime Guarantee of 99.9%. Well, if only God is perfect, they’re not far behind. As a matter of fact, KnownHost are so confident in their uptime, that they grant their customers a Service Level Agreement credit if that value of 99.9% drops infinitismally. A decrease of more that 99.0% is simply inconceivable. The user would have 5 days since downtime to submit a ticket to KnownHost’s helpdesk, and the credit  awarded increases according to the magnitude of that error.

You can forget about shared hosting with KnownHost. The company provides excellent Managed SSD VPS hosting, which is a much more resourceful, flexible, and empowering service. And it’s not at all costly. Besides, migrations and backups are automatically included, at no expense whatsoever. In addition, there’s a pleasant surprise awaiting you at checkout: the following code – KH15LIFE – ensures an upscalable lifetime discount of 15% for VPS-2 or larger.

And here’s the best part yet: you’ve got 30 days to change your mind in case you’ve activated a hosting package that doesn’t quite meet your needs, and receive full refund. This is true of all plans, except for enterprise-specific Dedicated Servers.

Finally, I must impress upon you how great KnownHost’s email and ticket support is.  Some of their team’s routine activities include management of the operating system, hardware and network maintenance, initial account migration and its security, and free installation then optimization of the control panel.


2. WebFaction


WebFaction ranks second-best in my book. Their focus is on presenting shared hosting services which are particularly crafted for web developers. In essence, WebFaction’s shared hosting has characteristics borrowed from VPS or dedicated servers. And if your scope is medium or small-sized websites, hosting with them would be ideal. Once you start, there’s more than enough time for changes of heart: at any time during the first 60 days, you can ask for your money back.

However, you don’t even have to start for real at all in order to get a clear idea about WebFaction. Their homepage beckons you to tap into a 48-hour trial before making any serious commitments. Nevertheless, developers will feel right at home in the company of their services: full SSH availability, and pre-installed developer tools like PHP, Python, or Django, are only a brief glimpse of what WebFaction actually sets on the table. What is more, 50 lightning-fast applications are ready for 1-Click installation, speed being the operative word here.

WebFaction’s system administrators do a great job configuring, monitoring, and backing up servers, applying security patches, and updating existing tools. Administration aside,  WebFaction provides top-class 24/7 support to their users in distress. In conclusion, their pricings range from $8.50 to $9.50, depending on the kind of subscription you take: either you take the plunge for a whole year, or you tread lightly from month to month and an extra dollar. Anyhow, WebFaction is both affordable and proficient enough to match any developer’s expectations.

(mt) Media Temple

3. Media Temple


(mt) Media Temple is a titan among web hosting providers, and this statement stands true for two reasons: their renowned effectiveness and their solid experience. The web hosting company is celebrating their 15-year anniversary this year. Here’s a short list of how far they’ve gone since 1998: the numbers say that, presently, there are 125.000 faithful customers who went to them to host up to 1.5 million websites, in around 100 countries. That looks impressive.

Not only is (mt) Media Temple an awesome place for web developers/designers, but medium and small-sized businesses are more than welcome, too. And, in fact, the company now also hosts such celebrity brands as Adidas, Obey, Sony, or Red Bull. Apart from their diversified clientele, it’s high time to praise (mt) Media Temple’s award-winning, cross-platform customer support, for its promptitude, friendliness and shrewd-minded solutions.

They say it takes one to know one. (mt) Media Temple’s motto shouts out that they host great ideas. Well, indeed they do, and who would know better when to recognize a great idea than a company who is awesome in itself? The bright people from (mt) Media Temple come up with upgrades which refine their services again and again. The latest of these endeavors focused on the company’s flagship hosting plan, the GRID, which has recently been upgraded, thus making websites up to 6x faster. Apart from the GRID, (mt) Media Temple’s Shared Hosting, Managed VPS, and Developer VPS plans hold great promise as well.


4. Flywheel


Meet Flywheel, a champion hosting company intent on being a dream-come-true to all designers, freelancers, and creative agencies. They take full charge of launching and managing websites, so that designers may focus on their work without wasting any more time with other trifles. Particularly optimized for WordPress, Flywheel keeps the websites safe and speedy, updated and backed up. Furthermore, Flywheel paves the way for its customers to manage their clients’ sites, and interact with fellow designers and developers without the necessity for usernames and passwords. Not to mention, working with Flywheel for reselling purposes will probably be the best decision you’ve ever made.  And when you need assistance, trust their support team to make your problems disappear. A free demo site experience is available for anyone who is interested in testing how Flywheel feels.



5. DreamHost


DreamHost is a necessary addition to my top 10 selection. With over 16 years of experience, this company provides all types of web hosting. Perfect for bloggers and web designers, the shared hosting plan is only $8.95 per month. Moving forward on DreamHost’s palette of services, I need to emphasize their VPS hosting, which has unlimited bandwidth and storage, and can be equipped for instance with 600 MB of RAM for $30-a-month. I have 3 more memorable numbers coming from DreamHost for you, and that’s it: 30, 97, and 100%. There are 30 days of free trial with a shared hosting plan, 97 days to ask for your money back after you’ve proceeded with any hosting option and somehow decided to call it quits, and 100% uptime guarantee backed up by a free extra day (of the next prepaid expenses) for each missing hour.


6. HostGator


HostGator relies on 12.000 servers, on a daily basis, to keep their Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated services fail-proof. Beginners and seasoned developers alike are going to rejoice their choice to have signed with HostGator for hosting. Shared hosting from this company has everything it needs to make anyone happy, specifically positive things which cast Hostgator in a good light – such as 99.9% uptime and 45-day money-back guarantees. Besides, right now the three Shared hosting options are correlated with an offer of 20% off the first invoice. If all these aren’t attractive features, I don’t know what attractive is.


7. WebHostingBuzz


WebHostingBuzz has a ring to it, but what makes the company stand out is their discounts. For instance, their Dedicated service now comes with 50% discount, and for a Reseller account, one need only insert the code „resellerdeal” and pay just $1 the first month of hosting. Several other benefits of signing with WebHostingBuzz include an awesome customer support, and great prices. Allow me to elaborate: a monthly quota of only $4.95 is attached to Shared hosting, then $9.95 to Reseller hosting, and finally $14.95 to powerful VPS servers. Long story short, WebHostingBuzz would make for a rewarding web hosting company.




Pixeno is an extremely noteworthy web host, especially for other designers and developers. Their Personal, Reseller, Cloud Sites and Cloud Servers work like a charm. All of these come with unlimited subdomains, email addresses, and MySQL databases. Pixeno leases space out of the fastest datacenter in the UK, and the third fastest in the world. But what I happen to love best about this hi-tech provider, is the fact that Pixeno enacts 4 scheduled backups each and every day, and that information is retained for 2 weeks. Meaning there are up-to 56 possible website restore points at any one time. Take Pixeno for a ride by engaging the one-month free trial.


9. HostNine


HostNine is another hosting company that I just can’t allow myself to overlook. Its shared, reseller, cloud VPS and dedicated servers are altogether guaranteed 99.9% uptime. The compensation strategy is rather strict: for each hour of downtime, a whole new day is given away for free.  Apart from this, should the first 45 days of using HostNine reveal certain shortcomings to the user, she/he need only ask and thus have all their money returned. Interestingly, HostNine’sw homepage screams great deals for clients who upgrade their services during this period: 50% off the first ever invoice with code H9LUV13 for Cloud, Reseller, and Shared plans, and with code DEDILUV13 for HostNine’s Dedicated service.


10. Bluehost

Bluehost allows for the first 30 days of usage to be fully refundable for all hosting options, and pays back the remainder of the prepaid plan afterwards, for good measure. They have the experience to be great hosting providers and expert assistants in times of trouble. Concerning prices, almost all of their services are presently subject to discounts. Bluehost’s VPS Standard, Enhanced, Premium, and Ultimate variations have substantial one-time discounts, while the Professional Web Hosting option cuts down to $4.95 for the first signed month. Experience the live demo and you’ll get the clear idea that Bluehost is a fine choice.



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