Why It Is so Important to Monitor Your Website

Being no.1 in a specific field is difficult and no matter the conditions, it requires sacrifices. Nonetheless, it’s ten times more complicated to keep yourself in a leading position. The same idea may be applied to any website, with a good advertising campaign and just a little bit of good luck it may become the favorite of readers and search engine spiders’. The website monitoring and maintenance is a very challenging matter and paradoxically, people and even specialists usually ignore it. Many people interested in having a cool website invest a good amount of money in designing it believing that is just enough. Unfortunately, the launching of a website is only the tip of the iceberg; having a good maintenance is the solution to keep visitors coming back to see the novelties. Google appreciates the trend of being merely under changes, therefore here is another important reason to pay attention to the maintenance of your website.

In this context it’s obvious that there is a great difference between owning a website and owning a high-visited one. The general opinion of the experts is that a good maintenance is depending on the existence of a reliable strategy and this post will present the first steps in establishing it and why it is important to do so. Definitely, you can’t be successful if you don’t have full control over the state of your website. The matter of monitoring is crucial and tips bellow will make you understand and see the big picture of the situation.

1. Any website has unexpected issues


You could hire the best design team, select the best hosting provider, write the best content, all these will never guarantee that the website won’t have barely a small problem across time. It sounds too philosophical but we aren’t perfect and by far we will never craft something perfect. The idea that should be apprehend is that a website can’t be uptime 100%, there will always be an infinitesimal percentage when it won’t function properly. Don’t take me wrong, but exactly when more people want to visit the website it will encounter troubles; the laws of Murphy are describing and governing perfectly the World Wide Web.

2. People don’t want to think and don’t have patience

Be honest with yourself, if you visit a website that is down or can’t be rendered in your browser would you wait until somebody will resolve the matter? I doubt it (maybe if it is yours). It is well known by people involved in online environment that Internet users aren’t patient and in the huge majority of the cases, they apply a very superficial judgment. Besides that, to be visited it isn’t sufficient to be uptime and instantly upload, the information must be at hand. Somehow, the perfect designer must create the layout with all the requirements of all visitors in his mind.

3. The work of a website maintainer isn’t always appreciated

The Internet developed the user-centric mentality, which is normal, but sometimes it’s frustrating for people that take care of websites. The users consider it normal and don’t have a special respect for an updated website even if it supposes a colossal volume of work.

4. The Internet is the realm of countless opportunities


Without full control over your website people will notice any error and it will be immediately associated with the lack of professionalism and it will be the beginning of the failure. The global network offers many other similar websites such as yours; therefore people won’t ever miss your online presence. I hope that these four reasons are convincing you that monitoring your website isn’t a fade, but it is rather something very useful and a step further to be catalogued as a respectable online identity. Choosing a good monitoring solution isn’t easy, the array of possibilities is extremely large but you must select the best one. It will be unfair to mention just few companies that are providing these kinds of services and each one is suitable to specific types of clients. Clearly, there is no best one monitoring service provider, it is about the most suitable to your needs and desires. Personally (if you are interested in my view point), I am very content with the services of this company. Once again, it totally depends on your needs but take these aspects into account before selecting a monitoring company.


1. Testimonials and the feedback of other previous clients

You should never trust a company that has on the header “We are the best”; instead you may become interested in their services once you see testimonials from other clients. You should also visit websites that offer reviews of these services, search for objective opinions, especially of the ones that tried the services.


2. The infrastructure


If your website has a global audience then I recommend a company that has a worldwide network able to test your website from all around the world. A website targeting a local community isn’t necessarily to benefit from an extended network. No doubt, it is better to be uptime from everywhere and test it but it implies higher costs.


3. The effective offer

It’s very important to study exactly which company is offering which services. You should be careful to the modalities of contacting you, which discounts are included, and how they repair the potential issues.

4. The cost



Last but not least, it is determinant and you must smartly handle the situation. If you prefer a cheap solution (there are even free ones) it’s a higher risk of having troubles while a brand can’t allow itself to make mistakes but obviously, the costs will rise. In the end I wish you good luck, not to encounter any problem but it’s better to be prepared for the worst situations.

Cale White is a staff writer for the DesignMag Network.

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