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When you get a new idea, you usually get very excited about it and you’d like nothing more than to jump right into developing it. Still, you should pace yourself and go through some preliminary steps that will get your project off the ground. In order to achieve this, you need to make it attractive and convince others that it’s a great idea and that it’s worth investing into. The best way to showcase your future project is by creating a wireframe. A wireframe will help you visualize your idea, present a concept and involve other people early in the development process. It will let you to see the layout and the functionality of your application and think things through before going on with the project.

Pidoco is a web-based prototyping software that will provide you with the tools you need in order to create your wireframe or UI prototype for web or mobile applications. This software is very easy to use and the best part is they’re giving away 5 free one-year Premium licenses for their application right now.



Pidoco’s wireframing application

What’s great about Pidoco’s tool is that it allows you to create fully functional wireframes with minimum effort on your part.



The interface makes this tool very easy to use. Even new users will find it simple to get accustomed to it. The start page helps keep your projects organized by showing you: viewers of your project, past versions of your project, collaborators and reviews you’ve received so far. Each project has the following categories of objects: Pages, Screenflows, Layers and Custom Stencils and every object has a quick menu where you can define its basic characteristics.



The page editor has a wide variety of stencils you can choose from. Adding them to your page will be easy, all you have to do is drag and drop them wherever you want. Besides, every stencil has its own quick menu where you can easily define its characteristics.



The newest feature Pidoco has just released is called Extended Interactions. This feature allows you to define simulations for touch gestures, device movements, system reactions and more. You can either define interactions for your page or for each individual stencil. Besides, each interaction has its own set of characteristics that you can define, such as how the reaction will play out or what kind of movement will trigger it. This is particularly useful for developers that are making applications for mobile devices, since they can now define behavior for phone or tablet specific interactions within the wireframe.



Since you’ll probably want to have a clear image of how your screens look like, Pidoco offers a feature that allows you to simulate your wireframe at any time. Moreover, if you’re developing a wireframe for a phone app, you have the option to send your sketch to your mobile phone and see how it looks on your device.



Because feedback is always important, Pidoco provides a useful feature that enables you to invite other developers and designers to see your work and give you feedback. You’ll always know when a change has been made to your project, as all of them are recorded with username and timestamp.







Another useful thing about Pidoco’s wireframe application are the notes. You can add technical specifications as you go by writing notes in every object’s quick menu. All the information you provide there will automatically be transferred to your specification that you can generate as a PDF or RTF/Word file with a few simple clicks.



And, to top it all off, Pidoco allows you to create your own templates that you can reuse throughout a wireframe in order to speed up your design process and ensure consistency. You can choose between Global Layers that work much like in Photoshop or Custom Stencils, which are groups of elements that you define and that serve as masters. In addition, you can upload your own images to expand the element selection.

About the giveaway

In conclusion, Pidoco makes it very easy to create any type of wireframe you need and share the work with your colleagues and receive feedback. So why not try Pidoco’s tool for creating wireframes for free? Leave a comment below and you might be one of the 5 lucky users who get a one-year license.

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