Great Giveaway: Enter And Get The Chance To Win A License Of The New X Theme

WordPress themes have evolved a lot in the last years and from simple theme that served only one purpose to multipurpose themes that solve a lot of problems a website owner could have.

In this all too competitive market of WordPress themes, if you are in the position of choosing one theme over another, you are facing a difficult task because there are a lot of possibilities.

However, not all themes are the same. Some offer more features than other, focusing on functionality and style, making sure that the websites customized with them offer the best visual style and user experience to their visitors.

A theme like the ones I’ve been talking about so far is Theme X, a responsive and amazingly customizable WordPress theme.

The most important feature of Theme X is called Stacks, which enables you to use a multitude of different designs, all wrapped in the same package. This means that one theme comes with more design possibilities.

Before you rush into complaining about the lack of an admin panel, I have to stop you and tell you this is a whole new level of doing things.

You can actually see the changes you make from the customizer, while you make them, in real time. If you change your mind about something like layout configuration, fonts, buttons, you can simply undo it with one click, making it easier than ever for you to customize a WordPress theme.

X Theme 2.0

This is the latest version of X, with a new and improved stack added to it. This means that there are even more possibilities in a theme at the same price of $60. Plus, if you ever have technical issues, there’s great customer support that will help you.

How to win

You now have the possibility to win an X license all for yourself. What you have to do: submit a comment below and tell us why you want X Theme and what do you need it for. One week from now, we will award one lucky person randomly. Good luck!


The winner is Brian Kikendall! Congratulations, Brian!


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