38 Absolute Best Tutorials for Learning Icon Design

Simple glyphs and icons communicate a graphical representation for interfaces, branding, and content. Icon design ranges from simple line icons to detailed works of artistic beauty. Every designer has to start somewhere and nobody claims the process will be easy – but it is very rewarding.

This gallery focuses on 38 icon design tutorials geared towards beginners or intermediate designers. Each walkthrough focuses on the overall process from a blank page to completed design. Granted there are many different ways, like highways and byways and imaginary triways, to approach the same problem. Each of these tutorials will follow a different method to practice and build confidence with your icon design skillset.

Starfish Icon

3d textured starfish water icon

Email Alert

email alert box illustrator vector

Mobile App Icon

tutsplus mobile app icon psd

Building Depot

vector detailed depot building icon

Almost-Flat Icons

almost flat icons tutorial

Trash Bins

trash bin icons illustrator vector

Simple Notebook

simple notebook icon design tutorial

Water Pistol

water pistol illustrator icon

Music Stickers

music sicker icons illustrator vector

Cardboard Box

open cardboard box icon

Gem Icons

flat precious gem icons illustrator

Vintage Lantern

vintage camping lantern icon


binoculars illustrator icon vector tutorial

iOS Book Icon

ios book icon vector tutorial

Vinyl Record Player

vinyl record player icon illustrator


flip flop icon illustrator tutorial

Gender Symbols

glossy gender symbol icons shapes

iOS7 Music App Icon

flat ios7 music app icon blue tutorial

Flat App Icon

flat pencil paper app icon vector ios7

Pool Table

cue ball pool icon design tutorial

Business Monster

playful business monster app icon

Long Shadow Icon

long shadow icon adobe illustrator

Camera Lens

camera lens photoshop tutorial icon

iOS Fabric Icon

ios fabric icon design tutorial


projector white icon design tutorial

Jewelry IOS Icon

jewelry icon ios style tutorial

Weather Line Icons

line icons weather symbols glyphs

Detailed Briefcase

detailed briefcase icon design tutorial

Gague Meter

reading gague icon photoshop tutorial

Vibrant Blue Cloud

vibrant blue cloud icon photoshop tutorial


folder category icon design tutorial


colorful paintbrush icon photoshop tutorial

Yellow Notepad

leather texture notepad yellow paper icon

Database Icon

simple database server icon design tutorial

Printer Icon

printer device icon photoshop tutorial

Social Vectors

social icon vector design tutorial

Safari Icon

apple safari app icon design tutorial

Messenger App Icon

bird messenger ios flat app icon tutorial

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