40 Brilliant Examples of Digital CG Concept Artwork

Concept artwork is typically related to video game design. But it can also be very useful in other forms of media. There are many Hollywood movies, TV shows, video advertisements, and other projects which often hire concept artists. CG is typically thought of as 2D art while CGI is usually computer generated 3D effects.

This gallery focuses around 40 examples of CG concept artwork. Most of this artwork was created by hand in software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. The purpose is to create vibrant characters, worlds, items, and landscapes which can be depicted within the project.

If you love concept artwork and want to see more amazing pieces then take a look at other art inspiration galleries from big concept art/design blogs.

Sire Potato

sire knight potato cg artwork photoshop

Animal Hideout

2d cg animation animal criminal hideout

Awe for the Guilds

guilds lights fantasty photoshop artwork

White Demon

white demon orc photoshop illustration

Wooden Submarine

wooden submarine underwater illustration cg

White Birds

white birds woman warrior battle scene

The Gods

the gods battle sequence photoshop 2d artwork

Dark Rider

dark horse rider cg illustration fantasy

Team Fight vs Baron

team fight battle baron water monster

Countryside Castle

countryside castle scene landscape illustration

Grit City

grit city landscape portrait illustration

Jinshan Temple

jinshan temple photoshop illustration landscape

Oriental Paradise

oriental paradise design artwork inspiration

The Settlement

photoshop illustration camp settlement scene

Ice World

ice world scene illustration design concept

One City

city buildings sunset artwork design


sunset illustration artwork landscape

Wire Central

lines wires telephone poles town illustration


jungle temple illustration green artwork landscape

Chinese Village

chinese village illustration design concept artwork

Black Mammoth Forge

black mammoth forge illustration artwork

A Simple Town

simple country town artwork illustration

The Hill

green tree hill flat scenery 2d illustration

Forest of Life

adobe photoshop artwork cg forest of life

The Witch

photoshop fantasy landscape artwork witch town

Parallel Industrial

industrial sci fi city landscape photosho


dark knight armor battle concept artwork

Skeleton Wizard

skeleton wizard concept artwork design


fire monkey illustration artwork concepts


necromanceress fantasy digital artwork

Big Bug

dark digital landscape big bug inspiring


2d illustration architecture scenery woods treehouse

The Twisted Tree

photoshop illustration twisted tree forest

Haunted House

photoshop illustration artwork concept


water islands concept artwork landscape


floating sky city illustration concept artwork

Frozen Bay

frozen bay artwork concept artwork ice

Abandoned Mine

abandoned mine artwork concept video game

Street Night

dark nighttime streets lights buildings

Walk through the Rubble

dragon little girl walking in rubble

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