23 Websites with Full-Screen Photo Backgrounds

The art of crafting pixel-perfect website layouts can take many years to develop as a professional. One such area to focus on is the photograph-based backgrounds you see throughout many portfolio and company websites. Full-page photos often work well in a wallpaper-type display ported onto the web.

There are many styles and variations of this technique, as it has been adapted through the years. But I have collected 23 of my favorite websites boasting fullscreen backgrounds for this gallery. The trends are still growing and have managed to hold onto their concepts for some time. If you know of websites we may have missed please share links and let us know your thoughts in the discussion area below.

Smokey Bones Bar & Grill

FOX Classics

Te Kahu Lake House

Art of Kinetik

Nike Skateboarding

Ben Thomson Photography

Rebecca Barry

Design Blitz SF

Michael Korstick

Mies van der Rohe Society

Valerio Berruti

German Craft

Resto Hull

Cayena Agency

Benitos Hat – London Mexican Food

Because Studio

Noah Stokes

TILT Studio

Twelve Restaurant

BVD Sweden

Image Now

Goto China – Ringve Media

Ewing Cole

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