25 Inspirational Designs for Nike

by Matthew Heidenreich

September 22, 2010 in Inspiration

Chances are that at some point in your lifetime you will have owned a pair of Nike’s.  With a brand that is known by the masses, you can’t go a day without seeing that familiar little “swoosh”.  While Nike has had its controversy’s in the past, you can’t help but appreciate some of the artwork that has been influenced by their brand.  In this post I will share with you 25 inspirational designs related to Nike.

Accept and Proceed


Love Game

Nike – 2010

Nike – Air Lab

Nike +

NIKE Canarinho

NIKE Dunk High

Nike Elemental

Nike EMEA Internship

Nike ID

Nike Joga Bonito Commerical

Nike Store

Nike Swoosh

Nike Virtual Project

NikeID – Advert

Produit en Italie

YSTO/ Nike Air Force One

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  • 3D Art Studio

    Sep 22nd

    Fantastic designs!

  • Web Technology News

    Sep 23rd

    Love the espresso one!

    Some nice and creative ideas here

  • Max at Cash Back Stores

    Sep 23rd

    i suppose Nike Air lab has the best look

  • Gina

    Sep 23rd

    Outstanding! I am not sure which is the best one. But every logo has its own style!! Thank you.

  • PVT visual solutions

    Sep 23rd


  • Chimera web design

    Sep 23rd

    Really great stuff!

  • Thiago Reis

    Sep 23rd

    AMAZING designs!

  • LastActionSeo

    Sep 24th

    Some awesome designs in that list :=)

  • mobile crusher

    Sep 25th

    This is simply amazing

  • Paromita

    Sep 25th

    Good examples and good collection.Very creative logos.

  • Bill

    Sep 26th

    “Go hard-on, go homo”? Yeah, some cool poster art, but why the Nike logos?

  • YelleUnnie

    Sep 26th

    This is awesome!!!

  • Amelia Johnson

    Sep 27th

    There are some really nice creative designs being showcased here. The Nike store design is fantastic.

  • Web Designers

    Oct 5th

    Great designs! I like “falling” the best, it’s really powerful and stands out from the rest in my opinion. Very interesting idea

  • Luke

    Oct 5th

    Great post, I love Nike advertisement

  • replica handbsgs

    Oct 7th

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!

  • Swopper

    Dec 3rd

    Inspiring Nike design renditions … I like it .. Thanks :)

  • Air max sneaker

    Jul 16th

    The design is really very fascinating, very nice design concept.

  • fateme

    Aug 1st

    Very Beautiful
    Thanke you…..

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