28 Bar & Grill Restaurant Website Layouts

A recognizable online presence should be one of the top priorities for any new restaurant. Patrons and new customers alike both prefer to find information about restaurants from the comfort of their desk, couch, or doctor’s waiting room. In the past we’ve covered food-related sites but haven’t been focused on specific types of food.

This gallery places a direct focus on websites for grills, bars, and steakhouses. Each of the following sites exude both creativity and usability relating to a more niche consumer base. Use this gallery to your advantage when designing a new bar & grill website or just practicing new techniques on your own.

Moonshine Grill

moonshine grill restaurant site design

Texas Roadhouse

texas roadhouse restaurant website

Smokey Bones

smokey bones restaurant bar grill bbq


champs bar grill website

Jacks Bar

jacks bar website background

Crosstown Pub

crosstown pub bar grill restaurant

Union Sushi Bar

union sushi bar grill website

Joe’s Real BBQ

joe bbq website simple layout

Circe Restaurant & Bar

circe restaurant bar website


aquitaine boston restaurant website


parkside providence bar grill

Jake’s Food and Spirits

jake food spirit restaurant

Slate Bar and Grill

slate bar grill website layout

Randolph’s Denver

randolph denver website layout

Head Country

head country restaurant layout

Public Kitchen

public kitchen providence grill

Black Cap Grille

black cap grille restaurant

John Hardy’s

john hardys restaurant bbq website


barracuda bar grill website

Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint

martin bbq joint restaurant website

Largo Bar & Grill

largo bar and grill website seafood

Draught Horse

draught horse pub bar

The Salt Lick

the salt lick restaurant website

Founding Fathers Bar

founding fathers sports bar website

Black Angus Grill

black angus grill danbury ct

Gatlin’s BBQ

gatlins bbq barbecue website

Lucille’s Smokehouse

lucille smokehouse bbq restaurant

1518 Bar & Grill

1518 bar grill philadelphia website design

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